Sunday, August 9, 2009

Weekly Menu - August 9 through August 15

We had our yard sale over the weekend -- Friday and Saturday to be exact -- and we made more money than I thought we would, considering the temperatures were nearing 100° and it was also our state's tax-free shopping weekend for back-to-school items. I'm so glad to be done with that and happy to have a lot more room in our basement and a little more room in our garage.

We sold about 2/3 of the items we put out. The rest was divided into a large pile at the curb that we gave a way for free and a smaller pile of items we donated to a thrift store. Nothing came back into our home...which was the main goal this time around.

We were so hot and tired by the end of the day Friday that called in an order for delivery sub sandwiches. That means the Garlic Chicken Ranch Pizza didn't get made (again) and is on the menu for the third week in a row. I'm definitely making it today.

Sunday, 8/9 - Garlic Chicken Ranch Pizza

Monday, 8/10 - Grilled Steaks

Tuesday, 8/11 - Veggie-Stuffed Manicotti (veggies include zucchini, eggplant, tomato, onion and peppers)

Wednesday, 8/12 - Pork Chops in Onion-Mushroom Gravy

Thursday, 8/13 - Miscellaneous Leftovers or Breakfast for Supper

Friday, 8/14 - Drive-Thru

Heading to Springfield, MO, to spend the weekend with my sister. We'll grab drive-thru on the way.
Saturday, 8/15 - To Be Determined
Spending the weekend with my sister and BIL. We will likely have some meals out and some meals at her house.


Janelle said...

I love Springfield! I'm sure it's changed a lot since I lived there, though. Have a wonderful time!!

Leanne said...

It sounds like you had a good productive weekend. I wish we had yard sales here, I ended up freecycling about half of Toots toys over the weekend, honestly if one more lego block made its way into this house it would have fallen apart at the seams:)

Annie Jones said...

Janelle: I like Springfield, too! We won't be spending all of our weekend there, though. We're spending Saturday at Silver Dollar City. Sis has season passes and we can go with them as guests. :)

Leanne: What, no yard sales?! That totally changes my plans to move in next door to you. :)