Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekly Menu - August 23 through August 29

Now that things are more planned out and settled for me, I'm back to a solid weekly menu. While I'm sure there will be a few more warm, or even hot, days for us, the weather here has started to cool down and there's a hint of autumn in the air. I'm looking forward to having soup at the end of the week.

Our fall vegetables have been planted, but except for tomatoes, we're done with our summer harvest. The meal plans I share are beginning to look complete again as plan ahead for more frozen and canned vegetables instead of using what is fresh from the garden on any given day.

Sunday, 8/23 - Grilled Steaks, Potato Salad, Zucchini Strings, Salad

Shane will grill the steaks for this evening and Monday's brats and dogs at the same time to save time and charcoal.
Monday, 8/24 - Grilled Bratwursts and Hot Dogs, Potato Salad, Pickled Beets, Corn on the Cob

Tuesday, 8/25 - Swedish Meatballs, Egg Noodles, Green Beans, Salad, (maybe homemade rolls)

Wednesday, 8/26 - Herbed Roasted Chicken, Risotto, Peas, Corn
I'll roast enough pieces to have enough cooked chicken for Friday's soup.
Thursday, 8/27 - Leftovers of the Swedish Meatballs meal.
Since we're having leftovers tonight, I'll have plenty of time today to make the soup for tomorrow.
Friday, 8/28 - Chili's Chicken Enchilada Soup, Cornbread, Applesauce, Salad, Jello
My sedation dental work may have me too loopy to enjoy this soup (and other fairly soft foods), but there will be plenty to enjoy tomorrow.
Saturday, 8/29 - Leftovers of the Enchilada Soup meal.

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Heidi said...

Did you guys make it to the State Fair? It's right in my neck of the woods and all the traffic makes shopping a pain!