Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finally, Some News...And It's Not That Bad

I finally got the results of the sonogram last Wednesday and met with a surgeon yesterday.

I do not have gall stones, but I do have a couple of small polyps in my gallbladder. The surgeon says that they may actually be very small stones that are embedded in the wall of my gallbladder, which would account for the discomfort I've been feeling. Or they may be actual growths, which usually do not cause discomfort, but could eventually become cancerous. While small, polyps are almost always benign, but if left to grow could become malignant. Before the days of laser surgery, they would be left alone at this size (3mm), with only polyps of 1cm or more requiring a gallbladder removal. However, with laproscopic surgery being the norm now, and recover time being much shorter because of it, the general thought is to remove the gallbladder any time polyps are present as a prophylactic measure against cancer. I agree wholeheartedly.

My surgery is not until October 15. The doctor told me that the symptoms I've been having, if indeed caused by my gallbladder, won't get worse before then. It gives me time to get my dental work done next Friday (I postponed it to be able to meet with the surgeon yesterday). The surgeon reminded me that dental problems are a potential entry point for bodily infection, so he wanted to make sure I got that work done first. It also gives me time to enjoy our Labor Day weekend plans, settle into school-year routines and possibly visit my sister before the surgery.

So that's the scoop. I'm still having some discomfort every day or two, but I do feel better just knowing what's going on. Everything seemed to be happening all at once and I feel much calmer now having everything on the calendar with some breathing room in between.

(Oh, BTW, if I continue to have the discomfort in my shoulder and abdomen after the surgery, the doctor said we'll start exploring other causes such as reflux or even a skeleto-muscular problem.)


Anonymous said...

Thank God it's not cancer. It just seems as if you can't exhale until you know what is going on. Thank you for telling us what is going on. And trust me a kind and loving comment on your blog is one of the most comforting gifts you can get when times are rough. I'm so glad that you can get a plan together. Take it easy and spend some time on yourself.
Sending good thoughts and much love,

Frances said...

I am so glad you found out what is going on! It is so much better than not knowing. And I am glad you get to have your dental work taken care of too. You will feel so much better when you get those two things taken care of.

I will be praying for you.

Leanne said...

Definitely try and take it a bit easier. It is good you've been able to find ut exactly what's going on and that you'll be able to have it treated so soon (we'd wait for months on the NHS for treatment). I'll be thinking about you.

Tug said...

I'm glad you got answers, & they truly aren't that bad!! Good luck with all this, hopefully you'll be back to yourself very soon; I'll be thinking of you & sending prayers!

Miranda said...

My mom was experiencing symptoms just like yours. She had her gall bladder removed in June. She is feeling completely better (even the shoulder pain) and is no longer having digestive problems.

You'll be in my thoughts and prayers!