Sunday, July 19, 2009

Weekly Menu - July 19 through July 25

No, I'm still not finished with my house cleaning (only Kat's room is left to do), but I promised to return to a more regular posting schedule, so here I am.

The menu this week is short and sweet. We are going camping again next weekend, and I haven't made up my mind yet what our camping menu will be.

Sunday, 7/19 - Grilled Cheese Sandwiches or something equally simple.

Shane and I are going to a community theater production of "Footloose" this afternoon and I'm sure I won't feel like cooking much when we get home. We'll be stopping by his parents' house for a short time afterward, and there's always a possibility we'll eat with them.
Monday, 7/20 - Crockpot Chicken "Alfredo"
This recipe isn't really "Alfredo", in my opinion, since there is no Parmesan cheese in it, but it sounds good anyway.
Tuesday, 7/21 - Thai Chicken Pasta
I know Shane and I will love this. We'll have to see whether or not Kat goes for it.
Wednesday, 7/22 - Oven Chimichangas
I have small amounts of Chicken Azteca and Spicy Shredded Pork in the freezer. I'll use them as fillings for these easy chimichangas.
Thursday, 7/23 - Miscellaneous Leftovers
I think there will be enough of the two pastas and the chimis to feed all of us for a night. We might not all eat the same thing, but we will all eat.
Friday, 7/24 - Camping. Menu to be determined.

Saturday, 7/25 - Camping. Menu to be determined.


A.Marie said...

Hi there! I just stopped by to see what the weekly menu is! That community theater sounds like fun; we don't have anything like that in my small town.

I love anything Thai; thanks for posting that Chicken Pasta recipe! :)

Annie Jones said...

We don't have a theater group in our own suburb either; this one was on one of the other 'burbs. It was so much fun; like the movie in many ways, yet different in many others.

I'm looking forward to the Thai recipe, too. I've never made Thai food at home.