Thursday, July 23, 2009

Time To Pay It Forward

While I was on my recent break from blogging, I received a package in the mail from Ireland! It was from my friend Leanne. Leanne is the industrious sort, taking care of her husband and daughter, cooking from scratch, creating and selling jewelry and other crafts; she's even planning on installing a skylight in her garage! She maintains not one, but three blogs: See The Woods and the Trees; See The Woods, Simply Food; and See The Woods Designs. For all I know, she has a half dozen more blogs out there...wouldn't surprise me a bit!

A while back, Leanne participated in the Pay It Forward Meme, offering to send a specialized homemade gift to the first three people who responded to her post and asked for one. Of course, I jumped all over that!

Here's what she sent: A wonderful knitted coffee cup cozy, a set of 4 (K-N-I-T) stitch markers, and two little handmade notebooks. I love them all! I can't wait for cooler weather to try out the cup cozy, and I'm always searching my purse or glove box for a bit of paper to write down a note or two. The stitch holders will come in handy, too; I'm determined to do more knitting this fall and winter.

Now it's my turn to Pay It Forward!

Here's How It Works:

The first three people to comment on this post (and this post only) will receive a handmade item from me within three months, completely free of charge. I have some great readers and this is a great way for me to reward some of them. You don't get a set date, but just know that some day within the next three months, you'll receive a little surprise from me.

The Catch (of course there's a catch):

You agree to Pay It Forward yourself after you receive your gift from me. Or even before you receive it. Send a gift to the first three people who respond to your post. The gifts should be handmade, by you, and somehow personalized for that person.

So, who's in? I'm feeling crafty today!


Kimberly said...

What a wonderful idea for a meme - your gifts are so cute. I would love to particpate.

Annie Jones said...

Kimberly: Great! Can you please send me your mailing address. You can find my email link in my Blogger Profile.

BTW...I have your blog in a folder of blogs I've been meaning to look at further. I just haven't made time, but I will now!

The Cookbook Junkie said...

If only I had any talent to make anything.

Annie Jones said...

Why not a cookbook, Paula? Either your own recipes or a compilation of your favorites? On paper or CD?

Frances said...

Annie Jones, this is a great pay it forward! What wonderful goodies your friend sent you! I want to play!

Annie Jones said...

Ok, you're in Frances! I'll need your snail mail info, too.

Leanne said...

That's three right? I can comment now! Because I'm already in for another one expect this time its five by the end of the year.

I'm glad you liked the gifts, I remembered you commenting over at We are THAT family that you liked the stitch markers which makes me sound much more stalkerish than I actually am.

BTW I think saying that I "maintain" three blogs is being a little generous, don't you:)

Annie Jones said...

Of course, you're welcome to comment any time you like, but I'm still waiting for a third. Unless Paula the Cookbook Junkie changes her mind and wants in after all; in that case, I'll add her AND another reader to my list.

Lisa B. said...

Am I your third?

Annie Jones said...

Sure, Lisa! Yours might even be hand-delivered!

Frances said...

Thanks, Annie Jones! I will send you my snail mail. And this weekend, I will do my pay it forward post!

LOL! At Leanne appearing much more stalkerish than she is.