Wednesday, July 1, 2009

That's Not A Cat!

Remember those feral cats in my backyard? I managed to capture two kittens on Monday evening and the third yesterday evening. They were so cute; the third one even let me pet it through the cage and didn't seem very frightened at all.

The mother remains elusive. And smart. I saw her go into the trap, manage to take the bait (which I put under the trap, not in it) and hop back out without stepping on the release plate.

This raccoon wasn't as quick. He (she?) was in the trap this morning. In keeping with our habit of naming all the neighborhood rabbits, birds, etc., I decided this raccoon looked like a Buddy; I named him and let him go.

Back to square one, I guess. I'm just glad Buddy wasn't a skunk!


Cathy said...

That is too funny! Does the raccoon hang out around your house?

Annie Jones said...

It's the first raccoon I've seen in our neighborhood!

When the empty house across the street was still occupied, that man found a mother raccoon and some babies living in the eaves of his roof, so I knew there were probably some around.

Leanne said...

Nope you're right, that's definitely not a cat.

Although the cat is starting to sound like the mice we had last year. I swear those things were able to lick a trap clean and not get caught in it.

Anonymous said...

Good catch! Now what was your plan if you did catch a skunk? I would let Den take care of it!!!

Tug said...

I love raccoons with their little masks...too cute!

A.Marie said...

Oh, such a cute raccoon....I can't help it, I think they are cute!

Too funny about catching the feral kittens but not the mama; I have been trying to catch a feral, male cat for about a month now; I have caught everyhing in our yard BUT the feral cat; I have given up for now! :)

Annie Jones said...

SonyaAnn: I'm not really sure, but I guess I would have called animal control to come get it. :)

Tug: I think they're cute, too. If it had been a baby raccoon, I'd have wanted to tame it for a pet.

A. Marie: The lady from the shelter gave me more ideas for when we get back from camping. She says that cats have a hard time resisting some KFC in the trap. I see her point. :)