Monday, July 13, 2009

Quick Monday Post

I thought I'd publish a short post this morning just to say "Here!". I think some people (A.Marie?...LOL) are concerned I'm either not going to post again or have gotten lost somewhere in the depths of my house as I clean it.

It was a busy week last week. I'm only about halfway finished with my room-to-room cleaning of my house. Part of the reason it's taking me so long is that, while I clean, I'm also sorting out items for a garage sale. And trying to keep up with laundry and meals. And trying to keep the rooms I've already cleaned looking good so that I don't feel an urge to start over as soon as I'm done.


Some special events happened last week, both warranting celebration, but neither getting much attention at the request of those who would have been in the limelight.

On Thursday, my parents marked their 60th wedding anniversary! Isn't that amazing? They married as teenager, so they are now in their mid- to late-70s and going strong! We had small parties for them on their 25th and 50th anniversaries, but they didn't want a fuss made for any of the others, not even this one.

On Saturday, my daughter and her boyfriend got married! I'm not sure if it's an elopement if everyone knew ahead of time that they were going. :) They've been talking about getting married for a while, and after watching another couple go through the stressful planning of a large wedding, they decided a big ceremony wasn't for them. I can understand their sentiment; Shane and I were married in a similar manner. Anyway, Shane and I are happy for them and wish them the best.


On a totally unrelated note, I was finally able to trap the mama cat that's been living in the back yard. A volunteer from the shelter came on Friday with a drop-style trap and sat for a couple of hours waiting, baiting her with tuna and smelly wet cat food. The volunteer left, I put a bowl of familiar dry food in the trap, and had her within five minutes! The kittens are already back from the vet/shelter, and the mother should be back this week, so they can all live happily (and kitten-free) ever after under our deck.


I'll be posting my weekly menu today. Some of the recipes I've chosen from other blogs are just so tasty looking (to me, anyway) that I didn't want to let them pass by. But like last week, those may be the only posts I publish this week. I promise, though, to get back to more frequent posting next week...clean house or no.

See you then!


SonyaAnn said...

I'm glad that you aren't going anywhere, that would have been very upsetting.
And congrats on your parents and your daughter getting married. You have been busy, no wonder you have been having a hard time keeping up.
And I wish for you speedy cleaning!

Tug said...

Wow, yay for some good news! Good to hear you're plugging along...and still here. ;-)