Monday, June 8, 2009

Garage Sale Finds

Shane and I spent the day on Saturday going to garage sales in a somewhat upscale housing community in our area. And I do mean the entire day -- I have the sunburn to prove it.

Shane found a circular saw, smaller than most, that he plans to recondition and give to his step-dad who enjoys making dollhouses - $3. He also found a nice carpenter's level, the 6- or 8-feet long kind - 1/4 of retail. He found a brand new skylight to install in our home - $10.

I found a set of pans to make filled layer cakes (like this) that I've always wanted to try but never wanted to buy - $2. A new beginners' yoga set, still in the box, with mat, brick, straps and DVD - $3.* Gardening books, both general and organic; when I picked out and bought two of them for $1, the lady insisted I take the other eight of them for free. Other books for 25¢ each.

I bought a small coin purse, of leather (real) and zebra (also real, I think) for 50¢. It had 56¢ inside it. I made 6¢ on that purchase.**

But the best find of all was the $10 bill I found lying in the street.***

* Did you know yoga is recommended for people like me who are clumsy have osteoporosis? It doesn't help build bone, but it improves balance to prevent falls and improves flexibility so that you are less likely to get hurt when if you do fall. I might plan to use this set regularly.

** My friend Charlena used to collect items in the black and white cow print pattern and once bought a set of salt and pepper shakers at this same subdivision. When she got home she looked inside one of them and found two $100 bills. From now on I'll be checking all black and white items that come from this subdivision. They seem to be lucky.

*** Lest you think I'm racking up some karmic debt here, a couple of years ago I lost a $20 bill while out at garage sales. But I'd probably be pushing my luck if I were to say that karma still owes me a tenner.


Leanne said...

It sounds like you had a great day. I've found money just lying in the street loads of times. The husband thinks it blew there from wherever I dropped it originally. Oh, did I mention I lose money all the time too.

When I was a kid my friend and I were in the park on our bikes when my friend's front wheel locked up. She was flung over the handle bars and landed on a roll of notes stuffed inside an old cigarette box totalling over £200.

That's the fastest I've ever seen karma in action:)

Jessica said...

That's funny about making money on the purse! I once found a $20 bill in a pair of jeans I got from the thrift store.

I love yard sales, but haven't had any luck so far this year with deals.

Tug said...

I'm going to the wrong garage sales! Every one I go to is people REALLY wanting to make some $$...but I did find a $1 bill the other day. ;-) I found $200+ at the Vegas airport once...felt like I should ask if anyone lost it, but it was cash - everyone would have tried to claim it, right?

Sharon said...

OK - you are going to have to call me and take me sailing! I spent all afternoon today, and all I could find to take home with me was a quilting motif trivet and a book holder thingie to use at the computer. I'm especially looking for a cheap (yes cheap) wooden step ladder for my cucumbers! And all that money you all are finding, must be mine! LOL!