Sunday, April 26, 2009

Weekly Menu - April 26 through May 2

Shane finally had a full weekend off work, so we've been very busy working in the yard and garden. We also found time for a few garage sales, where I was able to get a bag of canna bulbs (a dozen or more; I haven't counted them) for just $1. Those will go into the ground today, if we can beat the rain.

This week will be busy and our meal plan is likely to change to accommodate the weather and our activities, but here's what I have planned:

Sunday, 4/26 - Going out to Mongolian BBQ*. This will probably be a late lunch, so dinner will amount to snacking on whatever we can find and fix easily.

Monday, 4/27 - Pizza*, Salad, Peaches

Tuesday, 4/28 - Ham and Potato Chowder, Turkey Salad on Flat Bread, Grapes

I can eat soups and stews year 'round, but Shane isn't as eager to have them in warm weather. This could be one of our last soups until fall since the weather is finally warmer.

Wednesday, 4/29 - Sweet Onion Pork Chops, Rice Casserole, Peas, Corn

Thursday, 4/30 - Pork Chop Leftovers

Friday, 5/1 - Steaks on the grill, Baked Potatoes, Asparagus, Corn

Saturday, 5/2 - Chef's Salad, Ham and Potato Chowder
I'll be using some steak leftover from Friday night, along with some of the cooked ham and turkey that is in the freezer from previous weeks, a couple of boiled eggs and some Cheddar and Swiss cheeses to make the chef's salad.

* Mystery-shopped meals.


Cathy said...

We enjoy Mongolian BBQ and always try to go early, even on weekends, so we can get the lunch prices!

Leanne said...

Mongolian BBQ sounds good, although there may not be much left for everyone else if my husband was there:)