Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pimiento Cheese Spread

Growing up, my mom occasionally bought pimiento cheese spread for sandwiches or to spread on crackers as a snack. It came in little plastic tubs from the refrigerator cases at the grocery store. The brand I remember was Price's, but I'm sure there are other brands.

Now when I'm craving some "pimento cheese" I make up a small batch at home. I like this snack because it is a fairly good source of calcium.

The following recipe is just for the basic spread, which is good on it's own. I prefer mayonnaise in this recipe, but Shane prefers Miracle Whip; I use whichever we have on hand. Other variations on this spread are endless, and can include such things as Monterey Jack cheese, jalapeno peppers, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, black pepper, and green olives. My opinion: do with it what you will. And enjoy!

Basic Pimiento Cheese Spread

1 cup coarsely shredded Cheddar cheese
1/3 cup mayonnaise (or Miracle Whip if you must)
2 Tablespoons diced pimientos (experiment with using some of the pimiento brine as well)

Combine all ingredients well, but do not use a food processor or otherwise puree. For best flavor, let spread sit for a few hours in the refrigerator. Serve on bread, crackers or celery sticks.

Makes about 1-1/2 cups of spread.


The Cookbook Junkie said...

I've been dying to make this stuff again but it is 'dangerous' for me. The recipe I used had cream cheese, which I liked. It added tang and it made it a nice sandwich spread consistency. It had smoked paprika too. Yum.

Hmmm. Maybe I'll experiment and use light ingredients this time. It might make it less 'dangerous'.

Annie Jones said...

I remember seeing your recipe and thinking the addition of smoked paprika was interesting.

I ended up eating the entire batch of this myself, all on Triscuit-type crackers. :)