Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Inexpensive Cat Tree

Three of many important things to know about Shane: He loves our cats, he enjoys building things, and he likes to save money. It's no surprise, then, that after shopping around at pet stores and online, he decided to make a cat tree for our cats instead of buying one.

He built this simply-designed tree on Sunday. He had a few thoughts about how he wanted to make it, but no formal plan or blueprint. The uprights, flat trays and base are made from PVC pipe and plywood, attached to one another with wooden discs that fit inside the pipe. We already had all of these things in our garage. The carpet remnant was purchased at a local carpet store and the sisal rope that was wrapped around and stapled to the PVC pipe was purchased at the hardware store.

Shane plans to add a few more "options" to the tree, such as hanging cat toys and maybe a bed on the base. But it is fully functional as it is now. I like that it's fairly lightweight; I can move it anywhere in the house by myself.

Other simple flat tray trees like this one can cost $150 or more at the pet stores. Ours cost just $48. Of course, there were several hours of work involved, but tinkering is a hobby for Shane -- a way to relax -- so he doesn't usually factor his time into the costs of small projects like this.

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