Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Take My Previous Post and Toss It Out The Window

I won't be using it. Our plans - and menus - have changed four times this week!

The guys on Shane's work crew have been taking turns providing hot food for their lunches once or twice a week. He told me last night that Friday is his turn, so I'll be making Plaza III Steak Soup in a quadruple batch - some for home and the rest for the guys.

The other changes are because I've been able to pick up so many last-minute pizza mystery shops this week. We love pizza, especially when it's free, and even more so when they pay us a few bucks to eat it!

Those pizzas replaced what I had planned for Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Sunday moved to Monday, Monday moved to Wednesday, Wednesday moved to next Tues...oh, forget it. It's too confusing.

Maybe next week I'll be able to stick with the plan.


Tug said...

Hey, at least you HAVE a plan to toss out - LOL.

Lisa B. said...

I was raised to believe plans were made to be changed... always at the last minute too. :)

Sarah said...

Can you email me info on the mystery shops? I dont want to steal your jobs, but if there are some up here I would be interested :)