Monday, December 1, 2008

EdenPURE Revisited

Several weeks ago I posted about our EdenPURE heater and asked if anyone else had opinions, good or bad, about them.

I had a few responses, including one from Granny that suggested that using our gas furnace may be more cost-effective (the next three colder months may prove this point) and another anonymous comment that all but accused me of being paid by EdenPURE to have posted my opinion (I'm not paid for any of my product reviews).

Today I thought I'd revisit the subject and give actual utility costs after a full billing cycle of use.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • We have been in our house about 2-1/2 years, so I have only the 2006, 2007 and current numbers to compare.
  • We like our home to be around 70° during our waking hours (roughly 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m). We have our gas furnace set to come on if the temperature falls below 60° overnight.
  • According to previous bills, electric rates since 2006 have basically held steady (please correct me if I'm wrong, Sarah).
  • Also per previous bills, our natural gas rates have increased considerably since 2006.
  • This cycle (mid-October to mid-November) may have been a bit warmer than the previous two years.
  • We have borrowed my father-in-law's EdenPURE heater*, so we are operating two of them rather than just one. The are the only source of heat we've used during the day.
  • We only use one of the EdenPURE heaters overnight, near our bedrooms, leaving the rest of the house quite cool. On the chillier mornings, we've had the gas furnace set to come on for about 30 minutes. Once the entire house is back up to a comfortable temperature, we turn off the gas furnace and turn the second EdenPURE back on.
  • We run a small portable electric humidifier and maintain an average humidity of 55-60%. (Humid air feels warmer than dry air.)

Now here are the numbers:

2006 Natural Gas: 1.759 CCF per day - $67.55
2006 Electricity: 28.21 kWh per day - $75.64
2006 Total Cost: $143.19

2007 Natural Gas: 1.645 CCF per day - $71.27
2007 Electricity: 29.72 kWh per day - $87.49
2007 Total Cost: $158.76

Average Cost for 2006 and 2007 = 150.98

2008 Natural Gas: .586 CCF per day - $45.11**
2008 Electricity: 34.50 kWh per day - $104.17
2008 Total Cost: $149.28

We saved $1.70 over our average using the EdenPURE. So, the company's claim that the heater will pay for itself in a matter of weeks or months are still up for debate. We suspect their claims are based on a lot of specific situations that may not be typical of our home.

However, we still agree with their claims that the EdenPURE heats a space more evenly than other heaters and furnaces and eliminates nearly all of the static electricity common in homes during the winter.

We aren't saving much, but the heat is simply more comfortable, in our opinion. Which is good enough for us.

*My FIL agrees that his house was more comfortable with the EdenPURE and that it didn't cost any more for him to use in his all-electric home. Why he no longer wants to use it is beyond our understanding.

**Our bill is still this high because our cook stove and water heater both run on gas.


Karen said...

I would think that to get the true picture for the cost, you would have to figure out what the cost per unit was in 2006, and then figure out what your 2008 bill would have been if charged at the same rate. Then you will really be comparing apples to apples.

Sarah said...

If you want to do the kind of comparison Karen recommends, then you can easily get historical info from your local utility company (cough, cough). I will say though that rates are going up on electricity - it wont hit for some time though. I think comparing your actual usage is the best way to go. Rates only keep going up, but if you are able to hold your bill steady, you are using less somewhere :)

Sarah said...

Ok, I did some more "math"...

You cut your gas usage by more than 1/3rd. Your power usage went up about 20%. Each gas therm (CCF) costs you about $1 right now. Each kWh is costing you about $.09. So, to compare "apples-to-apples", the decrease in gas savings is saving you $.60, and the increase in electric is costing you about $.50.

So its really a wash, but if you are more comfortable, then its worth it :)