Friday, November 28, 2008

Staying In

While hordes of consumers will be out – or have already been out – for hours today shopping for bargains, we’ll be keeping warm and cozy at home.

You know I’m all for bargains, but I’m all against crowds. And pushing and shoving. And long lines.

Which is why Kat and I are staying home today.

While Shane is at work today (an unusual occurrence on the Friday after Thanksgiving), Kat and I will probably put up her small Christmas tree this morning. We’ll eat some of yesterday’s leftovers for lunch, and if we’re in the mood, we might venture out this afternoon to do the grocery shopping for the next couple of weeks. When Shane gets home, we’ll eat leftover turkey sandwiches – arguably the best part of Thanksgiving – and settle in to watch a movie.

Otherwise, it will be just another day. Perhaps a little lazier than most, but I don’t suppose there’s anything wrong with that.

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