Monday, October 13, 2008

A Meme

Lisa tagged me with the 6 Quirky Things About Me Meme. Most of what I think is quirky about myself I've already talked about elsewhere, but here goes. Sorry if you've heard it all before.

1. Each year I try to have all of my Christmas shopping before Thanksgiving, but this presents a problem, because I absolutely hate shopping for toys. I obviously have no inner child.

2. I can't sleep if I'm cold, and I especially don't like for my pillow to be cold. Seems most people prefer a cooler environment for sleeping.

3. I often dip French fries in mayo, but never in ketchup. I acquired this taste from Shane on our first date. Before I met him, always ate my fries plain.

4. Although I will drink coffee or tea from anything, I prefer to use a clear glass mug or cup.

5. Just a few months ago...I watched the movie "E.T." for the first time.

6. I do not want any more children (and Shane has taken measures to make sure we don't have any), yet I sometimes amuse myself thinking up names for the kids I'm not going to have.

I don't tag, but let me know if you play. I'd love to hear about your quirks!


Donna said...

I Always dip my fries in Mayo!! Love the taste!!hughugs

Becky..AMHW said...

In Utah, where I am originally from dontcha know, we have a concoction called "fry sauce" which is a horrible mix of mayo and ketchup, sometimes with a big dash of thousand island dressing whipped in. I dislike ketchup, hate thousand island...blech.

Though, at one dive, they serve white fry sauce, which is wonderful goo. One part mayo, one part buttermilk, whip that, add onion powder, salt, pepper to taste. It's divine on sandwiches and fries. Not quite ranch, still very tasty.

Annie Jones said...

Donna: I know a lot of people are put off by it (too much fat, maybe?) but I love it!

Becky: I'm gonna have to try the white fry sauce. Sounds a little like tartar sauce without the pickles.