Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Bargain?

At least not all of the news is bad.

This is what I paid for gas this morning in a town a few miles down the road. (I apologize for the low-quality cellphone pic.)

It's not quite as cheap where I live, but almost. I really didn't expect, even a month ago, to ever see gas prices fall below $3/gallon again.


Tug said...

Still $3.63 here this morning... ;-(

Lisa B. said...

Hey!, I just posted the same thing! I was excited to get gas so cheap.

I like the layout you chose. She makes it soooo simple. I might have to change it more often.... uhmmm, on the other hand, maybe not. lol

Annie Jones said...

Tug: Maybe good news travels west???

Lisa: I bought gas in the town where you work, but now it's down to the same price here.

Lisa B. said...

annie I purchased mine at Caseys. Where did you get yours? There were people lined up and waiting at the pumps. I think they couldnt believe it and thought it might be a mistake or a short term sale, or something. lol

I tagged you for a fun MeMe and cant wait to see your list! The details are on my blog.

Annie Jones said...

Lisa: Yes, it was at the Casey's on Commercial St. Around 1:00. Did our paths cross? LOL!

Yesterday evening all of the QuikTrips had dropped prices to $2.79, too. Our town is very competitive, so just about all of the stations are that low now. :)

Lisa B. said...

Annie I was there just before you! lol

BTW, The snuggle link is fixed now. Sorry bout that.

Lisa B. said...

ps son just called, Murphy's at Wally world is now $2.59!

Donna said...

OH! It's SO Pretty in here!!!hughugs