Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Finally Tried Redbox

...and I'm hooked.

But what I'm really hooked on is the fact that there are so many Redbox coupon codes out on the Internet. I've rented nine movies so far, and haven't paid for any of them! Although, at $1 a night per title, the price is hard to beat even without a coupon code.

Amy at The Motherload publishes a code every Monday, good only for that day. Another place to find coupon codes is at Inside Redbox, and you can even track the codes you've used there. Many of these are good any day of the week. Sign up at Redbox, and they'll give you a code themselves! I'm sure there are many other sites online where codes are published.

We are Netflix subscribers, and will probably continue to be, because we enjoy getting television series on disc. When we're busy, working an hour-long episode of a series is much easier than finding time for a full-length movie.

But for those times when the urge to watch a movie hits, or for picking up kids' movies, Redbox rocks. Especially when it's free.


Sarah said...

IF you get free texting, go online to That is probably where your friend gets the code. They put out free ones every Monday (and Wednesdays for august!). You can get them emailed too, but I like text because I take my phone with me & then I dont worry about losing the code :)

ajooja said...

I'm going to have to try that too.

I'm getting an extra Netflix movie this month because I was part of that class action lawsuit, and I can hardly watch those.

I also have a friend who gave me a link to those pirated movies online (

I haven't tried that yet either but he watches movies there all the time.