Saturday, July 12, 2008

No More Oniony Smell

Have you ever seen one of these?

It's a round Tupperware Forget-Me-Not container. Apparently, there is a square one, too. I don't even remember where I got mine -- it was either given to me or, more likely, I picked it up at a garage sale. But I checked, and Tupperware still makes them. Here's what they have to say about theirs:

  • Round container provides superior fridge storage for half an onion, tomato, orange or other round, partially used fruit or vegetable.
  • Square container stores approximately 20-24 slices of individually wrapped cheese slices.
  • Each hangs from fridge shelf.
  • Hinged, one-piece design means no seal to store or lose.
  • Large tab makes opening and closing the seal a snap.
Here's what I have to say about mine:
  • It keeps a cut onion fresh in your fridge for a week or so with absolutely no onion odor or flavor transferring to other foods.
If you use a lot of onions and have a chance to get one of these, I'd recommend that you do. And no, Tupperware didn't pay me to say that.

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Donna said...

I have Never seen one!! I'll get online though and look! We use Lots of onions!! Thanks sweetie! Love the pictures!hughugs