Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two Weeks of Produce

Basement flooding and other things kept me from posting last week's produce pic, but I did snap it, so here it is. This week's bounty is below it.

I have to tell you how much we're enjoying these vegetables from the CSA farms. Of everything we've received so far, the only thing we didn't like was the mustard greens. They were a little too bitter for our taste. Everything else has been wonderful.

Thank goodness for those Debbie Meyer Green Bags. We've been so busy, and away from home, that a lot of this great food would have gone to waste without them.

After just a few weeks, I can't believe how our meals have changed. Meat or other protein has become just another side dish for us instead of the focus of the meal. Instead of just one or two vegetable side dishes, we are having three or four (or even five) with each dinner. Shane and I are both enjoying big salads for lunch, and chopped radishes (with dip) for snacks. And although I've not been very creative in the way I've been preparing most of these veggies, I'm having fun not knowing ahead of time what will be in the weekly pickup, then just working with whatever is at hand.

June 4: Beets (can eat the greens, also), green leaf lettuce,
radishes (can eat the greens, too), peas, broccoli and rhubarb.

June 11: Large green onions, broccoli, green leaf lettuce,
chard, two types of mushroom, carrots.


Violet said...

Very interesting... Kind of gives you a good opportunity to explore some new things! I know that some of those are definitely things that I wouldn't pick up on my own from the store.

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Donna said...

Nice produce sweetie!!hughugs