Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mystery Pizza

I'm not trying to convert anyone to mystery shopping, but I wanted to share an example of how it works to my advantage.

Tomorrow I need to take our van to the dealership to get the wiring harness installed so that we can safely and legally pull the pop-up trailer behind it. (For once, there's something about the van that Shane wasn't able to figure out on his own; he doesn't want to void the remaining warranty by messing with it too much).

The dealership is in a different 'burb, about 15 miles away and my appointment is in the middle of the day. I wouldn't drive that far just to do a mystery shop, but knowing I'll be in that part of town, I checked one of the mystery shopping sites I signed up with and voila!...there is a pizza store just a couple of blocks from the dealership that needs to be shopped. For picking up a pizza and taking a few pictures of it, along with rating the service, I'll get the price of the pizza reimbursed, along with a $7 commission. That's enough to compensate for my gasoline to and from the dealership.

What's more, this particular company pays its auditors (mystery shoppers) every two weeks, so I never have to wait long to be reimbursed.

This will be the fourth pizza I've shopped for in the last couple of weeks, not to mention one dine-in pizza buffet lunch. Shane claims he never gets tired of it, and it's a good thing that Kat has finally decided she likes pizza again. It looks like it may become standard fare around here.


DadGuy said...

Pizza is good stuff. My wife would hate me if I ever did it, but I've contemplated opening a pizza parlor when I'm all rich and such just for something to do.

Of course I'm still working out how I'm going to get rich... ;)

Lelo said...

I got excited by the title.
Don’t I know how you feel!!

Violet said...

sounds like a good deal. i looked into mystery shopping before, but couldn't find any reputable agencies. sounds like fun.