Thursday, April 3, 2008

I Zwaggle. Do You?

Have you heard of Zwaggle yet? It's a great new swapping network for families with children. Members trade their good, gently used toys, clothing, shoes, furniture, video games and systems, books and other items. The network runs a point system (called Zoints) and the only money that changes hands is for shipping. You receive Zoints just for signing up and also for listing your items for trade.

Members decide whether an item will picked up in person or shipped, and whether the "buyer" or "seller" pays the shipping. Zwaggle automatically interfaces with FedEx for shipping, but if you'd prefer to ship or receive your items via USPS, you can usually arrange that instead.

I received my first Zwaggle shipment today. I was able to get Kat this dress, and this one, and a pair of overall shorts for just 15 Zoints and shipping of $6.48 FedEx. These clothes are just like new and Kat is crazy about them.

If you have some good used family items that you no longer need, give Zwaggle a try. Use your points to "buy" things you do need, or if you'd like, you can donate the points you earn to your favorite charity or organization, such as your daycare center.


Donna said...

I Love the one with the butterflies!! Cute!! Have a fun day!!hughugs

Lisa said...

this sounds interesting, I'll check it out. Thanks for the tip off.

Becky..AMHW said...

We used to do something similar on a frugal forum I visit. We'd put up an item in a thread and the first to claim it paid for postage.

I have stuff to give away, yes I do.

Annie Jones said...

Donna: They're all really cute!

Lisa: It's worth checking out.

Becky: Ah, but you have no little girls clothing...:(