Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Small Step In The Right Direction

I rarely buy any of our groceries at Wal-Mart, but picked up a handful of things when we were there yesterday for another reason. I noticed something pretty cool. Their glass-door freezer section is now equipped with motion sensor lighting. The coolers are dark until someone approaches, then they darken again once the shopper has moved on.

This probably isn't news for some of you, but it was to me. I don't believe our store is one of their "environmentally sustainable" stores, so I was surprised to see this feature.

No doubt that Wal-Mart will benefit monetarily from this step, but think of the resources that could be saved if all Wal-Mart stores do this (as well as some of the other steps they are taking to save energy). Further, think of the energy that could be saved if other stores follow their lead and adopt similar habits?

I'm not in the habit of praising Wal-Mart, but I think in this case, they've made a step in the right direction.


Dave Morris said...

I saw that the Wal Mart in Warsaw has installed skylights to supplement their flourescent lights. During the daytime, if it's sunny, they can shut off most of the lights and depend on the daylight. I've heard that Wal Marts were doing it, but hadn't seen it in an actual store until we were there. Pretty cool.

Most people have a misconception about going green - that there will be a large net cost. Actually, environmentally kind usually means less expensive in the long run as well.

Donna said...

We have them here as well! It surprised me the first time I walked down the aisle! LOL Have a great day!!