Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Kitchen Is The Heart Of The Home. And The Brain.

Here it is...Operations Central.

These four lists are posted on my fridge 24/7: my monthly menu plan, my daily chores (divided into morning, afternoon and evening), my weekly chores (divided by day of the week) and a list of other chores that I've decided need to be done once every couple of months.

I've become so dependent on them that I don't think our household would function without them! I used to keep them somewhat out of sight in a household notebook but "went public" with them few months ago when I was doing temp work away from home. That way Shane can take a quick look and know what still needs to be done (he helps a lot, with the evening chores especially).

The lists are based largely on the FlyLady system*, but I've adapted it to fit our household needs better. It works well for me whether I'm working or staying home.

My house isn't spotless, and it isn't always as organized as I'd like, but my lists help me keep things "under control". Sometimes that's the most you can ask for.

*There are a lot of homemaking "systems" to try, but I like the FlyLady because the system is direct, effective, secular and doesn't allow for excuses. Some think it's too "in your face", but it really works. Then once good habits have become routine, it can be adapted to better fit your own style.


DadGuy said...

My wife did flylady for a while. I should remind her it could help get us out of a rut here and there.

Flylady is kindo f like programming actually. It doesn't matter what task you have, if you break it down into small enough manageable pieces then you can get it done. I think most of the time we get overwhelmed with the big tasks and don't know how to break things down enough, so we just give up.

Someday maybe I'll be as organized as you guys are. =)

Annie Jones said...

Dadguy: Oh my! I hadn't thought of it as programming, but your right. FlyLady is a good motivator, although more than motivation, I needed help remembering the things I want to each day, week, etc.

As for being organized, I think we've got a pretty good handle on it upstairs. Our garage and basement are an entirely different story. ;)