Friday, January 18, 2008

Letting Go

If you'll remember this post, I have a problem with recipes. As in, I have an addiction to them. However, I've made headway toward recovery this month.

My beloved Taste of Home magazine recently changed their style and started taking advertising, which was just the excuse I needed to cancel my subscription (and ask for a refund on the unused portion).

I sorted through all of my recipe cards and clippings, getting rid of dozens (maybe even hundreds) of recipes and condensing them all into one file box.

I culled out a box full of more than 60 recipe booklets and cooking magazines, then listed them for a pittance on craigslist. If they're still here by the weekend, to the thrift store they'll go.

I'm taking it one day recipe at a time.


Donna said...

That's one way to "clean" it out! I love recipes though...I'd be fainting every 5 minutes if I did that!! lol....

Annie Jones said...

Donna: It got easier the further into it I got. It's also very helpful to start this project on a full stomach! LOL!