Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just Say No

I'm Annie and I'm a recipe-aholic.

I keep recipe cards and clipped recipes by the hundreds. I have every issue of Taste of Home magazine ever published except one (and I'm sure I'll get my hands on it soon). I have dozens of those little Betty Crocker and Pillsbury booklets you see at the checkout stands, and several back issues of a lot of other cooking magazines. I get daily recipes online. I keep carryout menus for meal ideas.

At one time, I had more than 200 cookbooks and I'm proud to say that I'm down to about 50 of my favorites now.

A couple of years ago, I put limits on what kind of cookbooks I'd buy. I decided I could only buy pre-owned cookbooks with lots and lots of color photos. That did help curb my appetite for cookbooks a little, but not enough. The cravings are still there. I have so many recipes that I can't possibly try them all in my lifetime, let alone come back for seconds on the tastiest ones.

This madness has got to stop!

I'm publicly declaring that I will buy no more cookbooks. I will unsubscribe from online recipe feeds. I will purge my recipe card file by half. I will cancel my subscription to Taste of Home.

Ok...that's going a little too far. Taste of Home stays.

But that's it.


DadGuy said...

Good luck! =)

DutchBitch said...

Oh Hon, I know how you feel... My bookcase is exploding with cookbooks and so is the rest of my house with cooking magazines... I think I'd need 24 more lives to cook each and every recipe... and I still can't do away with any of them...

ajooja said...

I started to comment, but it got too long. I'm going to finish writing it for my blog tomorrow.

Lots of bloggy goodness. :)

Annie Jones said...

Dadguy: I'm gonna need it. Thanks.

Dutchy: Maybe we can go into rehab together.

Ajooja: Can't wait!

ajooja said...

It's up. :)