Monday, December 10, 2007

Weekly Menu - 12/9 thru 12/15

Yesterday I took the rare opportunity to do absolutely nothing, so I'm a day late in getting my weekly menu up.

Sunday: Leftover finger foods from party the night before.

Monday and Wednesday: Chili, (toppers: corn chips, sour cream, cheddar), Fruit Salad

Tuesday and Thursday: Cuban Pork Sandwiches, Hominy, Chips

Friday: Spiced Shrimp on Seasoned Rice, Broccoli and Cauliflower Bake*

Saturday: Going out for Mexican food and margaritas with my best friend and her husband - weather permitting.

*I don't know if we'll ever have this meal. I've been trying for weeks, but it's always the first one to get bumped if there is a change in plans.


Donna said...

Leave you alone for 2 seconds and you cook up a feast!!! lol !!!
Everything looks fantastic girl!!! The cookies look like a lot of fun to do with the kiddos!!! Thanks!!

Annie Jones said...

Donna: LOL! It's not just food, it's a hobby, I guess.