Saturday, November 17, 2007

Success, A Step At A Time

In one of my first posts, I explained our financial situation, our goals and why I felt "going public" with it would help us stay on track and reach our goals sooner. So far, it's working.

In less than two months' time, we've reached several of our smaller goals:

  • paid back $600 in cash that Shane's father had loaned us
  • paid our property taxes on our vehicles without going further into debt
  • paid our property taxes on our home without going further into debt
  • bought everything we need for Christmas (except groceries, which we'll buy later) without going further into debt
  • paid at least a little extra on our credit card debt each of the last three payments

Making sure we had the taxes covered was the biggest obstacle. Now that those are paid, here are our next couple of small goals.

  • buy a set of new tires for Shane's truck (without using the credit card, of course)
  • get our credit card balance completely paid off

I'll update again when we reach those goals.


Donna said...

It really makes you feel good to be as debt free as possible! We know people who are carrying 45000.00 credit card debt...they are miserable. Doesn't even count their everyday expenses, cars, house etc. OR taxes...You offer advice (asked for) but they don't listen. Oh well. Have a fun weekend girl and congratulations on your hard work!

Gay said...

Congratulations. Keep up the good work. We decided to do go debt free about 26 years ago, so we know how great you are feeling as you reach these milestones.

Happy Holidays!

Sheila said...

I'm excited for you! You'll be debt free in no time, I'm sure!!

DadGuy said...

Fantastic start, keep it up!

Annie Jones said...

Donna: I have a credit card story to tell sometime soon. It's amazing, sometimes, how much debt people can be in and not even bat an eye at it.

Gay: Thanks! While I don't know the financial standing of my entire family, I do know that my eldest sister (the one from Springfield) and her husband are debt-free and that my other sister and her husband are making great strides to becoming debt-free, too. My parents may have a small credit card balance now and then, but they, too, own their home and vehicles free and clear. I want to be just like them when I grow up!

Sheila: Well, it's gonna take a little longer than no time, but I'm determined to make it happen. :)

DadGuy: Thanks! We plan to keep it up.