Thursday, November 1, 2007

The Candy Dilemna

Princess Kat

Last year we had about 100 trick-or-treaters here. Having never had that many in our previous neighborhood, we weren't prepared and ended up running out of candy.

So, this year, we got a mixed bag of about 300 pieces of candy...and we only had 17 kids show up. Even after giving out candy by the double-fistful to anyone of any age who came knocking, we still have a ton of it left.

I think three things played into the low turn-out:

1) We are still in Daylight Saving Time. In the past, we've "fallen back" the weekend before Halloween. This year we lost an hour of prime Halloween dark. By the time it got dark last night, it was almost time for the youngest kiddos to get ready for bed.

2) It was Wednesday evening. That is "church night" for a lot of people in our town.

3) Too many other opportunities to celebrate the holiday. Kat had a Fall Festival at preschool on Saturday and a party at her daycare today. She also could have (but didn't) trick-or-treated on Main Street on Saturday afternoon, done the same in the halls of the High School one night last week and who knows how many other church or neighborhood parties have gone on in the past week or so. By the time Halloween actually gets here, I think a lot of parents (and maybe a few kids) are already tired of it all.

Nope, Halloween just isn't what it used to be. But then again, few things are.

So, here we are, stuck with a bunch of candy, not to mention what Kat got in her own bucket. A little candy goes a very long way in our home, as we all tend to pass it over in favor of salty snacks.

Any ideas what to do with it? Very little of it is chocolate, so I can't even work it into my baking.


Dave Morris said...

Is that dog still around the neighborhood? Feed it to him - especially the chocolate stuff. :)

Halloween HAS changed a lot. To me, it feels like more of an adult event now. Older kids seemed to dominate last night, and there were very few of them. We were at Mike and Paula's, had a fireplace in the driveway, had a big kettle of candy, and probably 25 people came by - about 25 percent of the usual load.

Slyde said...

very cute pic! I'll have to post some of my son's getup tonight on my site...

Donna said...

We really expected alot more kids than the "1" that we got...SO, this morning, I packed the candy up and took it to the shop. Plumbers will eat anything! lol
Hope all is well with you!

Tug said...

I ran out of candy last year, too...and had ZERO trick or treaters last I took the candy to the shop for the guys like Donna.

Kat's a little DOLL!!

Annie Jones said...

Dave: That would be an awesome idea, but the dog isn't around anymore. Now I'm almost sorry he's gone. LOL!

Slyde: I'll have to check it out.

Donna: Somehow, the idea of plumbers eating anything is less than appetizing. ;)

Tug: It's almost depressing, isn't it. I think next year I'll either be one of "those people" who give trinkets or stickers. Or else I'll make sure I get M&Ms so I can use them in cookies.

Violet said...

all i know is that the kids are still crazy at school on halloween. we didn't get any trick-or-treaters on halloween this year, which was good, since i had grounded myself to stay home and work on a paper while dave partied it up at a friend's house.

Annie Jones said...

Vi: I bet it's hard to keep the kids calm and quiet on holidays like that!