Saturday, November 10, 2007

10 Things I'm Learning As A Temp Worker

1) If someone says they need your temp services for a week, maybe two, it could easily turn into three. Good for me and the bank account, but I'm not working the week of Thanksgiving.

2) Working for a former employer is just weird. Not much about it is the same as before, yet it is all too familiar. About 8-9 days into the assignment, I realized I was even parking in the same area of the parking lot I did 11 years ago. I have no idea why.

3) I have no clue at all how some of you work daily and blog daily. By the time I get home and do all the things that need to be done in the evening, I have little time and less energy to do anything more energetic than watch an hour of TV and climb into bed.

4) And to those of you who work daily, blog daily, and run your kids to a host of activities several nights a week...I want need some of the drugs you must be on.

5) I need new glasses. Bad computer monitor at work or not, my glasses aren't cutting it. I really think I need tri-focals, and I'm not too young proud to ask for them (that is, once 2008 rolls around and I get my new insurance allowance for eyewear.)

6) No doubt about it, I would still rather be "just a homemaker". But a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. For a while at least.

10) I'm so tired I forgot how to count.


Donna said...

Here's how I do tv...I'm fed up with commercials and death,and blood, and idiots. Now I have a few minutes to do something Really important...ahh...well...ahh..well you know,, night sugar.

Annie Jones said...

Donna: We're pretty selective about what we watch. Mostly it's TV series on DVD that we get from Netflix or the occasional movie. In general, TV is such a waste of time, but that hour or so in the evening is our way to wind down and sit together for a while after everything is done.

DadGuy said...

Now that I've quit playing world of warcraft (again) my wife and I are back to watching TV shows on DVD. We're currently watching heroes season 1, it's pretty good.

And that's one big reason why I don't post much on my blog. Once I've done everything I need to do, I need a break. Since that's usually at around 9 PM, I rarely get the gumption up to post after that. I'd much rather be entertained for a bit before sleeping. Maybe someday I'll manage my time better so I can do more of that. We'll see.

Annie Jones said...

Dadguy: That sounds like our routine. By the time we get Kat to bed and are done with anything else we need to do, it's getting close to 9:00. We get up early (Shane at 4:30, me at 5:15), so staying up much later than 10:00 isn't a good idea. That hour is our only time to do absolutely nothing during the day.

BTW, we've just started Lost on DVD. After two episodes, we haven't decided if I like it yet or not. We'll probably give it two more and either commit to it or move on to something else.