Saturday, October 20, 2007

Wow! Look What I Won!

Get Rich Slowly is a great blog on the subject of personal finance. I've only been reading J.D.'s blog for a while, but it's quickly become one of my favorites.

Last week, in recognition of his 18-month anniversary of blogging and in appreciation of his readers, J.D. held a week of drawings for lots of cool, free stuff. All readers had to do was comment on his posts. It had to be a substantial comment relevant to the post, but that was the only requirement; anyone who commented was eligible for the random drawings for prizes.

I commented on many of his posts throughout the week, except for Friday's drawing for a Wii. Friday's drawing was a little more detailed. It required an account of the commenter's personal success story in regard to finances.

I won the drawing for Thursday's prize, an iPod Shuffle. Ironically, my comment on Thursday explained, in part, why I wasn't going to enter Friday's drawing. Odd as it may sound, I didn't want a Wii. And more importantly, I don't feel I've had enough success yet in the personal finance arena to have entered.

(Shhh....don't say anything, but that iPod will be a Christmas gift for Shane. He knows all about this blog, but I don't think he ever comes here, or even knows how to find it. But just in case...mum's the word.)

All the prizes have been claimed at Get Rich Slowly, but check it out anyway. It's a prize in itself!


DadGuy said...


Maybe someday you will relent and get a wii. Maybe. =)

Annie Jones said...

Dadguy: A wii would take up time I don't have. I just checked Shane's schedule and he doesn't have time for one either. ;)

Dave Morris said...


I want a Wii. One of the games that comes with the Wii is boxing. I "boxed" my buddy Mike the first night he got his Wii. I won the match, but lost the next day because my arms and shoulders were sore. I had no idea how much exercise it is to play the Wii!

So when I get one, I'll write it off to "fitness."

Annie Jones said...

Dave: Jean said she played one the other day and was sore the next day, too. It's probably a good thing to have, but I just checked again, and Shane still doesn't have time for one.