Monday, September 10, 2007

A - My Name Is Annie

I'm Annie. If you've read my first post, you know that's not my real name. But it's a name I've used before. It used to be my bar name. You know, the "I'm not sure I like you or trust you, so I'll give you a fake name" name that you use when a guy at the bar is hitting on you.

My husband, whose name is not really Shane, often reminds me that I didn't tell him my name was Annie, and that I must have liked and trusted him from the very beginning. But it wasn't that; I just thought he had a nice butt and wanted to get to know him better.

Apropos of nothing, I'm 13 years older than Shane. Some people find that fact amazing, perverted, amusing.

Jean is our daughter. Don't ask about that name, because I'm not telling, other than it doesn't fit her personality at all. Jean lives near us, and her name may occasionally come up on the blog, but she likely won't be a major player.

Our granddaughter is Kat. Her real name doesn't easily lend itself to a nickname, and she loves cats, so Kat it is.

Kat lives here with us, along with our other cats, Mars and Tuxie. Those are their real names, and if someone can find us using our cats names, then congrats to them...and may they get a real life.

Our last name is Jones, of course. Smith was already taken.


Sheila said...

'...can find us using our cats names, then congrats to them...'

Wow - that would be remarkable!

DadGuy said...

My wife is 7 years my senior. I like to point out that when she was in high school I was in elementary school.

You're dating a 5th grader???


Annie Jones said...

Sheila: Oh, there's one nosy family member who just might do it.

Dadguy: Yeah, Shane would have been in kindergarten when I graduated. What a difference 20 or so years makes. :)