Monday, September 10, 2007

Blogging With A Purpose

Some of you already know me from blogs I've had in the past. While they were fun for a while, they became, for me, a waste of time. Please note the for me in that last sentence; I'm not saying that blogging is a waste of time, and I enjoy reading all kinds of blogs. But, for me, the type of blogging I was doing had lost it's meaning. It was no longer entertaining to me, it wasn't therapeutic, and I had reached a point that I wondered if my readers were getting anything out of it.

Apparently they were, as both of the blogs that I left up are still getting quite a few hits daily, although I've not posted anything new for many weeks. One, a recipe blog, is still getting so many hits that I've finally decided to go forward with this blog idea. It's one I've had in mind for a quite a long while.

Introducing Real Life Living!

Real Life Living is our account of making a home and making a life. It goes beyond the recipes and the homemaking tips (although they'll be here), and beyond all the crazy ways we save money on home improvements (they'll be here, too). It goes deep into the heart of our goal to eventually live a simple, frugal, and one day (hopefully soon) debt-free life.

It will not only be an account of our progress toward that goal, but it will also keep us accountable to ourselves. We've made mistakes. Some HUGE, H-U-G-E mistakes, both during our marriage and before we ever met. And we're bound to make more. But we're going to admit those mistakes, own up to them. And move on, hopefully with lessons having been well-learned. Like everyone else, our mistakes make us feel embarrassed for a while, but in knowing we'll be sharing them with our readers, maybe we'll take more care to not make them in the first place.

But we are only human, and that's where the Real Life part comes in. We aren't going to beat ourselves up over them. We're just going to deal with them and move on.

You may be wondering, since we're giving such lip service to honesty, why we aren't using our real names. It's because, unfortunately, not everyone nosing around the blogosphere has good intentions, and employers don't always think kindly when their employees author blogs. While my husband's name is not entirely uncommon (in fact there is "another one" right here in our city), our daughter's and granddaughter's names, as well as my own, are very unique. We'd simply be too easily found if anyone were looking. So, our names have been changed, but I swear that everything else is true.

That's about it. Hope you'll stick around, and even add your 2¢ worth. If you're really frugal-minded, though, a penny will do.

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