Saturday, September 22, 2007

Money and Ethics

Not up for much of a post today because hay fever's got me down. Instead, here's a link.


Those of you who were readers of my old blog might remember the serious of questions I asked that had to do with ethics and, usually, money.

Here are few more like it at Get Rich Slowly.

For some reason, I find these kinds of situations, and what people think of them, fascinating.


DadGuy said...

I find it somewhat disappointing in the example of someone leaving "too large" a tip that the co-worker would take some of the tip back. Regardless of the situation, it's not their money -- it's like having a coworker buy a box of doughnuts for the office and leaving it out, and someone saying "that's too many doughnuts for the office" and taking some for themselves.

I do think it's interesting (and somewhat sad) that outside the US that people put their social obligations above stealing generally. I'm sure it's about social priorities though -- there are probably decisions that I think are no brainers that would be a difficult moral dilemma for others, depending on the circumstances.

Annie Jones said...

Dadguy: Yes, if I'd been the tipper and a co-worker had lifted part of it, I would have been not just disappointed, but angry and embarrassed to be associated with that person.

I'm not sure how I feel about the social obligations example. I think stealing is wrong, but then again, I think we (here in the US) sometimes take our social obligations too lightly.