Thursday, September 27, 2007

Busy Week

Yesterday morning I had a job interview. I met with the woman who would be my supervisor and the man who is her supervisor. I think it went well, but competition might be pretty fierce. I was told 94 people had applied for the position. I have no idea how many were actually called in for interviews, but I'd guess at least a dozen. I was also told they weren't sure yet if they'd be doing second interviews or hiring directly from the first-round interviews, but that I should hear something within a week to ten days.

After that interview, I called the temp agency I'd signed up with to see if any work had come in. The lady there asked me about my PowerPoint skills. Having had only a couple of occasions to use PowerPoint, my skills are a little weak. So she emailed me a tutorial. In the pre-assessment I scored a 79%, which I didn't think was bad. I quickly skimmed the tutorial part and took the post-assessment and scored 87%. So I told the lady to go ahead and email the test portion. As it turned out, the questions were nothing like the tutorial's, not in content or the way the program operated, and I ended scoring only 66%. But I scored 94% on the basic functions. I think I can nose around PowerPoint and figure out anything else I would need to do in a real-life situation. Anyway, that took nearly all of my time yesterday afternoon.

Today I'm running to the courthouse (two towns south of here) to make sure all of our property tax information is correct; I don't remember receiving the assessment update paperwork that should have come earlier this year. I don't have a lot of luck dealing with offices in our courthouse over the phone, so I'm going in person. I can do a couple of other errands while I'm out, making the drive more worthwhile. That's something I try to do whenever I can...consolidate trips, doing as many errands in one trip as I can, to save both time and gasoline.

I've wanted to post more than I've been able to this week, but time keeps getting away from me.


DadGuy said...

You post a lot. =)

Best of luck on the job, it sound slike you're making the effort for finding one.

Annie Jones said...

I guess it's because I feel like I have a lot to say about my chosen subjects.

Whether anyone wants to read it or not. ;)