Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Garden Update

Our poor garden just isn't what it could be this year.  It's not been neglected entirely, but between our trip and Shane being gone much of the season, it just wasn't "doted upon" like it has been in the past.

Well, the green beans actually were neglected, so we've decided to just let them dry on the vine, either saving them for seed or trying to eat them as dry beans.

At the last minute, I decided NOT to plant zucchini, okra, eggplant or cucumbers this year after all.  I just didn't feel as if I could keep up with it at that time, and I still think it was a good decision. 

We just pulled up onions and garlic to dry a bit before we store them, and we harvested about a cup of strawberries which isn't bad for their first year, and they're still bearing. 

Ripening strawberry.

We still have some Swiss chard, but unfortunately, all of our collard greens were bug-eaten and our very few raspberries and blackberries were bird-eaten.

What we do still have is potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes and tomatoes.  Boy, do we have tomatoes!  Between the plants we set out intentionally and all the volunteers, we have 45 to 50 plants! 

Some of our tomatoes.

A few more...more still elsewhere in the garden.

We were late to get them out, so they are just starting to produce.  We picked our first tomato last Wednesday.  We haven't dug any of the potatoes yet, but the tops are starting to die off, so we'll dig them soon. 

I'm not even sure if we'll like the Jerusalem artichoke roots, but if not, they make a pretty ornamental plant anyway.

Jerusalem Artichokes along fence.  They will have sunflower-like blossoms.

Also, we have some volunteer squash-like plants -- two kinds -- growing from the compost bin.  We're just waiting for them to set on so we can determine whether they are edible squash or ornamental gourds.  Could be either one.

Squash blossom of some sort.


Osage Bluff Quilter said...

Our tomatoes are VERY slow this year. We've dug all the potatoes, in fact ours never even bloomed. We've been eating them for a least a month.
Canned a few green beans, pole beans aren't ready yet. Cucumbers not good, pappty pan squash are plentiful.
Blackberries are over whelming!!!
Wanna come and pick? But don't expect me to go with you!

McVal said...

I'm so jealous! I'm finally getting our little garden weeded and ready to plant something in... We might just let it go dormant another summer. It's a little late for anything, isn't it?

Melynda said...

Annie, for a neglected garden, it looks really good!

slugmama said...

Holy crap! You are going to be drowning in maters!!
I hope to drown likewise this year.lol
Do you have plans for them all?
I have 3 ideas to explore on the mater front....besides giving a ton away.lol

A Cooks Quest said...

Oh man I hear you! With all the rain we had early in the season I didn't get everything in the ground when I usually do. I had to cut back, but, like you, we will have an abundance of tomatoes. Everything looks great in your photos!

SonyaAnn said...

It looks wonderful! And for the first time ever, I think that we might be able to harvest a few tomatoes here. You have no idea how huge this is!

Lisa B. said...

Our tomatoe plants are loaded but slow to ripen.

Our potatoes barely bloomed also, I'm hoping to dig them up this weekend if I have time.

It will be interesting to see what comes of the vines in the compost pile.