Thursday, July 7, 2011

Everybody's Gotta Eat

Here is a great post I found it this morning at Northwest Edible Life.  It's a little "in your face", but the message is clear and it's a good one, I think.  Everybody's gotta eat, and we are all going to need to pull together to keep our options open in the future. 

I'm proud to say that in my birth family, there are a quite few of what we like to call "hip-billies".  You know, a cross between a hippie and a hillbilly.  It's rare in the same family, and especially in the same person, but it does happen.  So, for me, it was easy to whole-heartedly agree with Erica when she says libs and cons (and everyone else) can be on the same side when it comes to food and farming issues. 

Sometimes the line is very fine indeed.


Erica said...

I roll in your face. ;) Thanks for the nod!

Dmarie said...

I whole-heartedly agree too...wish the media would stop focusing on the squabbles, as if we're watching a hockey match. Instead, I'd like to see more focus on the end-game: moving toward what's best for our country and our world.