Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Garage Sale Showcase

My retrospective menus are an idea I picked up from Karen at Abundance On A Dime.  Now I'm going to pirate another idea from her - her weekly yard sale review.  This could be a fairly regular Sunday feature for me during the warm months, and a little less frequent when cooler weather forces me to rely only on thrift store shopping for second-hand bargains.

Wow -- it's been a month since I posted my garage sale finds.  I finally made it out to some sales this past Friday and Saturday.  Here is what I found:

A winter-time jar candle warmer for $2.  I especially like that this has a winter theme rather than a Christmas theme.  This way, I can have it out from late November until the end February or so.

When we moved our computer desk to put in the carpet, we broke it (not solid wood, obviously).  We replaced it with a craigslist desk, but the new desk doesn't have integrated file drawers.  So, we were in need of this $10 file cabinet.  It's not going to stay that color, though.

A set of a dozen Captain Underpants books for Kat.  $3 total.

Also as a result of getting new carpet, we needed a bench by the front door to sit on to put on and take off our shoes.  Very sturdy solid wood, maple perhaps.  $10.

A few clothing items for Kat and me.  Gray shorts and a top for her ($1) and three tops for me ($2.50).  I really like the print peasant-style top I bought for myself, although I'm not sure if I will keep it because I detest ironing.

Did you go to sales this week?  If so, what did you find?


The Cookbook Junkie said...

Argh! The next town had their huge community wide yard sales Saturday but Dan was sick and Nick had a baseball game. Oh well, I am hoping to hear about a townhouse this week and I really should stop shopping until I see if I have room for anything else.

There was one sale in town that I took Nick to. He got two wrestling action figures (with belts) and I got a Tupperware Jello mold and some metal heart-shaped cookie cutters (3 or 4 sizes, metal, brand new). Oh yeah, Nick got a stuffed frog. All together we only spent $1.75. Later I saw that the Tupperware was fatally cracked but it was only 25 cents. I only slept for about an hour on Friday night so I wasn't very sharp I guess (it was really cracked).

Beth said...

I like the candle jar warmer. I found one a few months ago at the thrift store that had a winter scene on it and still had the $40 price tag attached! I paid $2.

SonyaAnn said...

I love it here! There is always something for me to look at and learn about you.