Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Won't See Me

Okay, we have another change of plans, and so I will be taking a short blogging break after all.

Since Shane has only a limited amount of time home before he has to head back to work out of town, we decided to reschedule our carpet installation from June 6 to May 23. 

Eeks!  That's next Monday! 

Between now and then we have to pack up all of our bookshelves, dressers, and desks.  We have to empty closets at least three feet up from the ground.  We have to move all the furniture off the carpeted areas.  We have to rip up the old carpet (we're doing that ourselves, in part to save money), we have to figure out if we can eliminate some of the squeaks in the sub-flooring (the real reason we're taking the old carpet out ourselves), and we need to fill the roll-off dumpster we ordered with whatever else we can bear to get rid of while we're at it.  Then Monday, the installers will come in with the new stuff.  You can be sure we'd be doing that part ourselves, too, if we knew how.

On top of it all, we still have to garden, parent, sleep, eat, bathe, etc., amid all the chaos that will be our house until next Monday afternoon.

So, I'm signing out of my blog until next week.  I'll be back Monday or Tuesday...with pictures!

See ya!


Melynda said...

Been there, done that. You will be so glad it is done and proud of yourselves for having completed it! Good luck, and see you next week.

Happy Simple Living said...

We miss you already, but it sounds like this is going to be a very positive project, all around. Good luck and I hope you'll post pictures when everything is back in place!

SonyaAnn said...

I'm happy for you about the new carpet, well I'll be happy for you when its in and all finished. $5 says you will be painting afterward so the walls will be as nice as the carpets.

slugmama said...

Have fun... ;-)
Make sure you have masks for the tear me, I And gloves would be nice too.

It's a pain but I know you'll be so glad & happy when it's don't sooner and you can get back to enjoying the nice weather and your gardening.

I'd let your daughter take Kat for awhile too if that is managable.

Can't wait for the photos!!!

Jill said...

Have fun!!! Can't wait to see the pictures! :-)


Mark said...

Love these types of projects! How fun! Hate squeaky floors. Get a drill and some screws and screw the boards down to the support beams underneath. You will feel so relieved not to hear those horrible sounds anymore.
Your Friend, m.

Dmarie said...

look forward to your return. best of luck with all your efforts!

McVal said...

Good luck! Looking forward to pics of your new carpet!

Sarndra said...

Hi Annie
Thanks for visiting my blog! I will be back to check your out- good luck with the carpet installation! All the best Xxo