Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Garden Tuesday - Volunteers Wanted

We've found several volunteer tomato plants in our garden beds. The had to have come from seeds in our compost pile, since we haven't ever planted tomatoes in some of the beds where they are popping up. Oh, and the tomato plant growing IN the compost pile is another clue.

With Shane's help, we'll be trying to transplant these to more suitable locations to see if we can save any of them.

In with the Swiss Chard.

In a galvanized bucket where some strawberries didn't survive.

In between the raised bed and the matting we have between the beds.

In with the romaine lettuce.

This little one under some cauliflower leaves probably won't survive.
This one is in with the peas, but it's not a tomato -- it's a marigold!

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Rivenfae said...

funny thing about those "volunteers" is they tend to be stronger having not been "coddled" during their early days.

MM said...

Great bunch of surprises you have there!

McVal said...

Good for you! Everyone loves surprises!!

Pam said...

About the only volunteers I get are weeds!

Abby said...

it's truly amazing what nature can do all by itself!

Melynda said...

That is one green thumb, you have!

Annie Jones said...

MM - Surprises are good!

Pam - LOL! I get plenty of those, too!

Abby - Thanks for coming to see me!

SonyaAnn said...

We have chives taking over at our house. It is a bit scary.
I can't wait to see how the carpet looks. Yes, I will probably pester you for pictures.