Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden Tuesday - The Growing Is Showing

Things are really starting to grow in my garden, thanks to some rain and a few really warm days.

Hosta and fern bed just outside our front door.

Hosta and some newly transplanted ferns in front of our house.

One of three old plow or disc blades that we have "planted" in our front beds.

I love this combo bird bath/hens and chicks planter. 
Needs to be cleaned, though.

New rhododendron I added a couple of weeks ago.

Another of our four clematis.  This one pinkish-purple.

Chive blossom.

Mixed red and green lettuce.

Radishes are now about golf ball size.  Time to pull the rest.

Romaine lettuce.

Romaine, then beets.  And yes, planted shovels at the end.

Snow peas.  Didn't plant enough.

Swiss chard.

Spinach.  Our first successful year with it.

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Melynda said...

Wow, things are going great in your garden. I have a chunk of concrete that was a fence post anchor, and I want to get some hens and chicks and plant them around it. It sounds silly, but once it is covered it will be interesting.

Miranda said...

Beautiful pics! I was able to use a small amount of lettuce and spinach last night for dinner... first year that it's been successful. Everything looks really nice. How are your strawberries doing?

Annie Jones said...

Miranda: I need to get some netting to cover them. We've had some berries set on, and couple ripened, but a critter ate them. Maybe a bird, but I think probably a possum.

Jill said...

Looking great! I love clematis, one of my favorites! Waiting for mine to bloom!


Mark said...

Fantastic! m.

Corinnea said...

Absolutly gorgeous!! Love all of your ferns and hostas and well, everything.

Marjie said...

I need to get my garden planted. It's just been so chilly I haven't had the ambition to do so! I love your lettuces especially!

shabby girl said...

Great pics, and your garden looks fantastic! We tried to have a veggie garden for a couple of years but were not too successful. Love the hostas & ferns too.

Pam said...

I am hugely impressed! I love all your arrangements! Thanks for linking up!

Jenny said...

Love it! you must be in warmer zone because we're at least two weeks behind the schedule this year.

SonyaAnn said...

I've not forgotten you-my internet has been down for days! I now need to get caught up in your life. UGH, I'm so far behind!
The pics look great, it's my thing but I think you know this already!