Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Barefootable Carpet!

Interesting morning here in Missouri.  It's taken me all morning to get this post done, because there have been numerous thunderstorms and tornadoes all across our area.  We are all fine and the sun is shining here now.


I don't like to go barefoot much, not even in the house.  Any hard surface - even a smooth one like our laminate kitchen floor - hurts my feet.  It feels like my feet don't have enough "padding" on the bottom.  So, I wear shoes from the time I get dressed in the morning until late in the evening when I'm finally ready to sit down for the day.  And our old worn-out carpet didn't tempt me in the least to kick off my shoes.

But this new carpet?  Cushy!  We're trying to keep it nice by not wearing our shoes on it, and it feels great under my feet.  I still need shoes for the kitchen, garage, basement and outside, so I've been leaving a pair of Crocs or flip-flops at the kitchen doorway, but the rest of the time, I've been bare-footing!

We still don't have the house entirely put back together because we're sorting and purging as we bring things back in.   For what it's worth, we've donated a full truck-load specifically to Joplin, a full van-load to Goodwill, two truckloads of scrap metal to a neighbor teen who is raising money (1/2 for Joplin and 1/2 for a trip he's taking to Denmark, and we've half-filled the 30 cu. yd. dumpster we've rented with trash and broken items.  We're cleaning house!

Here are several photos, by room.  In the first of each set (if I took one) is the old old, stained, yucky, nasty carpet that was put in not by the most previous owners, but the ones before that.  Best guess is that it was 10-15 years old, with little or no care taken by the owners before us.  We tried, but I have to admit, we gave up and didn't it give it much care beyond vacuuming during the last year or so.

The second of each set is how we lived for a couple of days while Shane worked the squeaks out of the floor.  And finally, the third is the new carpet right after the install.  Maybe (no promises) I'll put pics of the rooms again, once everything is back in place.

Kat's Room:

Our bedroom:

The only time you'll see my bed like this.

Tuxie putting her scent on everything new.

Computer room:

Living room:

The living room is the worst.  Some stains from previous owners that we couldn't ever get out.

White powder caked on floor is broken down carpet pad and baking soda (Carpet Fresh stuff).
We swept up many piles of this stuff.


Please ignore the puppy poster.  Not part of our normal decor. :)

They even carpeted our laundry chute box in our hall closet:


Michelle said...

Ooo, I love laundry chutes! haha!!

Annie Jones said...

LOL! You sound like me. Instead of the main event, it's some little secondary thing that really impresses me.

Jill said...

Looks great!!! I thought the doggie poster was cute! lol

Have a great day!!!

Sheila said...

Very nice!! Cute carpeted laundry shoot--we had one in base housing one time--loved it!! Still love that color in your bedroom. Glad the storms seem to be missing y'all. Take care.

Miranda said...

Looks wonderful! Glad that you are safe and sound. We have lots of family up that way and so far everyone is okay. We just happen to live right in between all the action- it's either slightly south or slightly north. I hope our luck keeps holding.

Lindsay said...

Looks great! I love carpet, especially new plushy cushy carpet!

slugmama said...

Oh, I didn't know you were doing the whole house? I thought it was just Kat's room.
Very nice!...and I know you are THRILLED to pieces to get that old yucky stuff out finally!!! 8-))
Now that the carpet is done, don't go thinking you need new curtains, then furniture, etc. too. Replacing carpeting can be dangerous in that way.lolol

I am crossing my fingers we finally get the living/dining room yuck fest carpet ripped out this summer. I am shooting for a total transformation of those rooms.

SonyaAnn said...

I'm in Heaven with all the pictures!LOL, I still need a life.
It looks WONDERFUL! I'm so happy for you.

Dmarie said...

a laundry decadent! I'm sure it took a lot of work to get all those floors bare. may you enjoy your results to the fullest!!

Dr. Alice said...

Looks great! I hate to ask, but... it looks like you had some nice hardwood floors under the old carpet? Do you prefer carpet to the hardwood?

Annie Jones said...

Thanks everyone. To those commenting on the laundry chute, Shane cut that in for us a couple of years ago and built the box around it so that nothing (objects or cats) would accidentally fall down it. It is in our hall coat closet. It would have been nice to have had it in the bathroom, but the only place we could have put it would have dropped the clothing right on the hot water heater.

Dr. Alice: We have wood laminate in our kitchen/dining room, in our bathroom and at our front door entry...and I love it in those places. Neither Shane nor I like the look or feel of wood floors in other rooms, though, in part because of our tender feet. We also prefer carpeting for the warmth and insulation factor.

I think the wood floors you can see in the photos could have been restored with a lot of work. In addition to all that broken down carpet padding and baking soda, they were covered in paint around the edges of the room. At some point someone must have spray painted the walls and didn't bother to protect the floors. Also, there were a couple of really big slices in the floor in room, like that from a circular saw. Not sure what those were all about.

Tug said...

LOVE IT! What a great feeling to get nice, clean soft starting-overs. ;-) I'm totally a barefoot person & shoes really hurt my feet, no matter the kind. weird. I have heard, though, that slippers are best to wear around the house because your body oil can be hard on carpets? Not sure, but I've heard it from a few people.

Either way, ENJOY. ;-)

Also? What an awesome thing you've done for the people of Joplin. <3