Friday, April 8, 2011


I'm still here.  I've just been busy.  Wednesday I worked almost all day outside;  yesterday I ran errands and bought food.

It rained overnight, but if it dries out enough I'll be back outside working today, and I'll definitely be out there over the weekend.  You may not see much of me for the next few days.  But I'm still here.


Melynda said...

We are having so much rain (still) I planted that little rhubarb that started growing in the shipping bag, out in the rain the other night!

Mark said...

Good to know! m.

McVal said...

We got rain yesterday and everything is greening up nicely around here!

Lisa B. said...

I'm still here too! :)
There's so much to do and work is getting in the way darn it! lol