Thursday, March 10, 2011

What To Do With Old Sheets

I ran another quick poll last week asking all of you what you think I should do with an old set of sheets that we had replaced with new ones.  You left a lot of great ideas, some that I would never have though of on my own.

Here are the poll results of the 18 readers who responded:

Toss them in the trash. - 2
Cut them up for bandages/mummy costume. - 0
Donate them to thrift/sell them on eBay. - 5
Piece them into a quilt. - 3
Use them as a weed barrier in the garden. - 7
Cut them into strips for waxing your legs. - 0
Save them for a toga party. - 1

Like last time, I can't see your answers, so I don't know who will do what with them.  I do have a reader whose first date with her husband was at a toga party...maybe she's the party girl.

I answered that they'll go in our garden as a weed barrier, and for once, I'm in the majority.

Other great ideas included donating them to a local animal shelter for bedding, using them as a protective tarp when painting or hauling things in your vehicle, using them as tug-of-war ropes, cutting them into strips and weaving them into a floor mat or crocheting them into pot holders, using them as dust covers for furniture, and using them to wash and dry your car.

Those are all great ideas!

So...what really happened to our old sheets?  For some reason Shane put them back on our bed.  I can't complain, though, because at least he changed the sheets for me.


Mark said...

Too funny!
True, don't even complain. Next time you'll know just to get rid of something when you get in the mood to do it.
Your Friend, m.

A.Marie said...

As usual, I am always late to the party....I missed the poll! but, I like the answers you got. I never thought of using them as a weed barrier!!! :)

Melynda said...

Good choice! The only time I complain about Honey helping out, is when he unload the dishwasher, before it is run!

Jill said...

lol! At least he changed the sheets :-)

Have a great day!

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, don't complain... at least he put the sheets on your bed. My hubby took fairly new sheets and used them for paint drop cloths! All I said was "It's your money, here let me light this $50 on fire for you!" lmao Do you think he got the point?

McVal said...

Whoa... a man can change sheets???! Just wait until I speak with my hubby on THIS one!