Sunday, March 27, 2011

Weekly Menu Retrospective - 3/20 to 3/26

I'm a menu planner, but when I've tried to post my weekly menus here in the past, they weren't accurate because I often change things at the last minute. On the other hand, I really like being able to look back to see what we've eaten, what we loved, what we disliked, and most of all being able to link to the recipes on my menus that have come from other blogs. That's why I prefer to post my weekly menus after the fact.


Sunday, March 20 - Chicken and Dumpling Bake, Green Beans, Carrots with Dip, Clementines

As always, one of our favorite dishes.

Monday, March 21
- Leftovers from Sunday night.

After a busy day in the garden, I was glad to be able to heat leftovers for a quick meal.

Tuesday, March 22
- Garlic Chicken Pasta, Green Beans, Carrots with Dip, Clementines

We tried one of those Philly Cooking Cremes from Kraft.  Our opinion?  Yuck!  Kat didn't like it at all and refused to eat it after a couple of bites.  I was very hungry that night, and I had loaded my pasta up with lots of sauteed veggies (peppers, onions, baby carrots, broccoli), so it was edible, but just barely.  I thought the sauce itself was sticky/gummy, and it had a fake-y garlic flavor.  I'd have been much better off making my own sauce with cream cheese, milk and fresh garlic.  I'm glad I had a coupon when I bought it; but coupon or not, I won't buy it again.  That's just my opinion.  YMMV.

Wednesday, March 23
- Sliced Turkey Ham, Deviled Eggs, Fried Potatoes, Applesauce

This was almost "breakfast for supper", except that most people don't eat deviled eggs for breakfast.

Thursday, March 24
- Leftovers from previous meals.

Kat was in a music program Thursday evening, so I dished up the leftovers just as soon as she got home from school, so she'd be neither hungry nor stuffed when it came time for her to sing.

Friday, March 25
- Out at a local cafe.

There was a big melt-down after school; I'll not say whether it was Kat or me who melted down the most.  In any case, I was in no mood to put supper on the table, and I decided we needed to get out of the house, out in public, where we had to be nice to each other.  Call it a mental health outing. LOL.

Saturday, March 26
-Baked Potato with Ham, Cheese, Butter, Sour Cream and Green Onion

I was home alone for supper and just didn't feel like cooking anything, so I loaded up a baked potato.  I haven't done this in a long while; it hit the spot.


Melynda said...

That chicken and dumpling bake looks good! Mental Health Meals are done here sometimes, we all need a break from time to time. Enjoy your week!

A.Marie said...

Hi there! Boy, can I totally understand the Mental Health Nights!!! LOL

BTW: I made chicken breasts last night with the new Kraft Philly Cooking Cremes. I had the Santa Fe flavor. wasn't bad, but it wasn't totally great either. I probably won't buy it unless I have a high value coupon and can match it with a great sale. It was like you said: kind of sticky and gummy and low on flavor!

I tagged you in my post today (Monday). Come on over if you have time! :)

McVal said...

I've made use of the mental health nights myself! Sometimes you just HAVE too!
We do deviled eggs for breakfast sometimes... I called them egg boats to get my little girls to eat them. Mostly around Easter time when we have loads of colored eggs around here!