Thursday, March 31, 2011

More On Freight Salvage Shopping in Kansas City

I've had questions from local readers both here and on Facebook, wondering just where in the Kansas City area these stores are located. 

Here's a list of the ones I can think of off the top of my head. 

  • Dirty Don's, 9700 E 56th St, Raytown, MO
  • Tommy's and Johnnie's, 806 N Scott Ave, Belton, MO
  • Crazy Moe's, 19700 Peculiar Dr., Belton, MO
  • Shocking Prices, 2411 S Hwy 291, Independence, MO 
  • Cargo Largo, 13900 East 35th St., Independence, MO
  • Animals In Need Thrift Store (formerly NationAL's), 2520 Ne Vivion Rd, Kansas City, MO
  • The Bargain Factory, 11971 Grandview Rd. Grandview, MO
  • The Bargain Factory, 4601 Commercial Place. Leavenworth, KS
  • The Bargain Zone,  1051 S.E. Century Dr., Lee's Summit, MO (I haven't been yet, it's part of the Bargain Factory chain)

As a reminder, some of these stores are bigger/better/cleaner than others.  If you're looking for groceries, I think the best bets are The Bargain Factory, Dirty Don's and Tommy's and Johnnie's.  The rest, IMO, are better for general merchandise. 

Animals in Need is a combination freight salvage/thrift store/animal adoption shelter.  It has lots of good things for sale, including some groceries.  The proceeds benefit the animals, but be warned that the store does smell like an animal shelter.

I'll try to update the list when I learn of changes.  These stores come and go; I can think of a few good ones that are no longer in business, but I'm sure some new ones will appear soon.  If any of the local readers know of others, please let me know.


Mark said...

I wonder how much in gas I would have to spend to get to these stores to save money? Okay, now do a search for Central PA.
But thanks anyway! m.

McVal said...

We used to have a general merch type in our town. It didn't last long, but I found some really cool stuff there cheap!

slugmama said... your area try Ollie's and Amelia's Grocery Outlet for cheap food. Also the Dollar Store and Big Lots(you never know what goodies you'll find Also see if there is a restaurant supply outlet near you.