Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday Morning Chit Chit - Stupid Stuff Edition

Stupid Stuff #1 - Snow.  After a 70-degree Friday and 60-degree Saturday, I woke up this morning and looked out the window, only to find a few of inches of snow on the ground.  I thought Mother Nature was over this kind of behavior for the season.


Stupid Stuff #2 - This check, received from AT&T on Saturday, whose services we haven't used for about three years.  It's for some kind of surcharge refund.  I'm sure they had to send it to us by law, but it literally isn't worth the (amount of) paper it's printed on, especially after they tacked on postage to send it.  Would I drive to the bank to cash it?  Of course not.  Will I give it Shane to deposit with his paycheck on Friday?  Probably...just for a laugh.  Or I may just toss it.  Wouldn't it be fun to know that AT&T's bank account was off by 3¢ from now on?


Stupid Stuff #3 - Gravity.  I was with Kat at the park on Saturday and was sitting on the seat portion of a picnic table.  I was sitting sideways, with my side toward the table and my back toward the end of the bench.  It was a little chilly, so I was sliding backward to find a nice slice of sunshine and slid myself off the end of the seat. My inner dialog went something like this:

"OMG, don't fall.  You're going to look stupid and everyone will see you."

"Geez, it seems like I've been backpedaling forever.  How long is this going to take?"

"Oh, for goodness sake!  Isn't it obvious by now that you aren't going to "spring forward" far enough to regain your balance?  Just freakin' fall already."

So I did.  And oddly enough, only one person saw me.  I still felt really stupid, until I looked at the picnic table.  The seat portion was a good 8-10 inches shorter than the table on each end.  No wonder my elbow was still on solid ground while my booty was hanging in the air. 

And yes I do have butt abrasions.  Thanks for asking.


The rest of my weekend went better.  We got a few things marked off our to-do list, watched a movie or two, ate some pretty good food,  and just chilled.

The week ahead looks pretty full.  Kat is on spring break all week, so we're looking for something fun to do at least one day this week.  I'm thinking PowerPlay, but I'm not sure yet.  Shane may have jury duty this week; it's one of those call-in-every-evening-to-find out scenarios.   No jury duty today, but also no work today because of the snow.

What's going on in your world this week?


Sheila said...

I keep waiting for Mother Nature to do the same thing to us. We hit 75 this weekend but it's cold and gray again today. We're supposed to have rain for the next few days--but that's a good thing. Just wish it would be a warm rain.
Hope your butt abrasions heal soon. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who does things like that though I am sorry it happened to you!
Have a lovely spring break week. Take care.

Mark said...

Wow! I'm just amazed at how many thoughs you can have while falling 18 inches. I would have one. It would be begin with an Oh and end with the F word. Sorry for white-trashing your Blog.
What if AT&T sent out millions of those checks and no one cashed them? I mean, after a year, does that money go back to them? I don't know.
Your Friend, m.

slugmama said...

Stupid Stuff #1-Mother Nature is having lots of hormonal issues lately. If the least you get is snow feel lucky. ;-)

Stupid Stuff #2-I feel the same way each year when Disney sends my kids their dividend's usually about .24¢. The only thing stupider is my SIL who bought them each a share of Disney stock 7 yrs ago. Does she not know how I feel about Disney??lol

Stupid Stuff #3--'m with Mark, I'd have one thought...SHIT! I guess you are one of the chosen few(a la Matrix)who can slow down time...but not slow enough it RE:Butt abrasions--There is a special on Band-Aids this week at Rite-Aid. I can pick you up some, just say the word!!

Here's my Stupid Stuff entry--How stupid is it that our country has two, count 'em two nuclear reactors built along the San Andreas Fault???
WTF? Perhaps recent happenings will give some govt. nimrods somewhere the balls to close those puppies down before they blow the western end of the country off.
Off to grumble to myself again.....

Annie Jones said...

It's kind of surreal just how many thoughts passed through my mind in that short amount of time...LOL.

And yes, Sluggy, I agree. I remember being a big fan of this song when it came out.

Melynda said...

Mother Nature visited here also, lots of branches on the ground after the wind storm on Sunday. Love that check!

Bluepaintred said...

I planted green onion roots, stems, whatever they are called yesterday. they are already sprouting!

I had no idea it was even possible to do this! I am a HUGE fan of green onions so I am going to get a bigger container and more onions LOL

Frances said...

Hope your butt abrasions heal soon. Get Sluggy to send you some neosporin. I am sure she has some that she got for free.

SonyaAnn said...

Mother Nature is a b****! I'm so sick of snow and ice!
Sorry about your butt.
And Anna is off this week, too. DJ isn't off for a few weeks. Have fun with Kat. I'm in and out gathering stuff for Anna. She has a walmart by her but.......

Tug said...

We're supposed to hit 75 tomorrow, YAY! Except I'm afraid our next neighbor will be Smokey the Bear. :-(

I'd probably frame that check, lol. Sometimes you just have to wonder, don't you. How are your butt abrasions?