Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekly Menu Retrospective - 2/6 to 2/12

I'm a menu planner, but when I've tried to post my weekly menus here in the past, they weren't accurate because I often change things at the last minute. On the other hand, I really like being able to look back to see what we've eaten, what we loved, what we disliked, and most of all being able to link to the recipes on my menus that have come from other blogs. That's why I prefer to post my weekly menus after the fact.


Sunday, February 6
- Burgers on Buns (grilled on the George Foreman grill), Tater Tots, Applesauce, Green Beans

Monday, February 7
- Bratwursts on Buns, Cheesy Corn, Applesauce, Cottage Cheese

Tuesday, February 8 - Chicken Flautas, HM Guacamole, HM Salsa, Mayocoba Beans, Dilled Vegetable Salad, Cheesy Corn

The recipes for the flautas, beans and cheesy corn made huge batches that we were able to eat for several days.  The mayocoba beans tasted very much like pinto beans.

Wednesday, February 9 - Leftovers from Tuesday.

Thursday, February 10 - Leftovers from Monday and Tuesday.

Friday, February 11 - Smoked Sausage, Macaroni and Cheese (boxed), Green Beans, Peach Crisp

Saturday, February 12 - Shredded Chicken Crunchy Tacos with Cheese, Lettuce, and Sour Cream, Mayocoba Beans, Cheesy Corn, Chips and Salsa

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