Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Morning Chit Chat - Sunny Morning Edition

Good Monday morning to everyone!  I'm in a good mood today.  The sun is shining and today is the first day since last Thursday that I didn't wake up with a sinus headache.  So it's a good morning.

So, how was your weekend.  Did you do anything fun?  Ours was a good mix of fun and productivity. 

Let's start with Friday evening.  We went out to supper with Shane's mom and step-dad to a local barbecue joint.  I was glad to not have to cook, and while I'm not usually in the mood for barbecue, I was that day.  In fact, I had had barbecue for lunch that day, too, with a friend.

Saturday morning we got up in wee, dark hours and drove almost 100 miles to my parents' house.  My dad had asked if we could be there in time for breakfast, around 8 a.m.  He (and Shane) cooked biscuits, bacon, two kinds of eggs, and three kinds of sausage for everyone.  We were stuffed.  We went to a couple of flea markets/antique malls with my dad (my mom is basically housebound these days), then after visiting a little longer, we came back home and were worthless the rest of the day.

Sunday, though, we got a lot done.  We gave our bedroom a fairly deep cleaning, sorting dresser drawers, clearing unwanted clothes from the closet, checking for unneeded items under the bed.  Shane put a light in our closet, which really helps a lot.  After that room was done, we did a few basic chores, like laundry and cooking, then Shane did some more work on Kat's room.  It could've been done by now, and will be done soon.  I think....

Last night, instead of watching a show about movies, we just watched an actual movie. It was called "Get Low" and starred Robert Duvall, Sissy Spacek and Bill Murray. 

It was about an old mountain recluse who comes to town to plan his own funeral, which he plans to attend while he's still alive.  And to tell his story, which everyone in town thinks they know.  I had expected this movie to be more of a comedy, along the lines of "O Brother! Where Art Thou?"  It really wasn't very humorous, but it was a good movie just the same.

So, that was our weekend.  This week, I'll be trying to clean more rooms, one at a time, so they match our bedroom.  I have a baby shower to go to on Saturday and I still need to plan out our garden.  I really need to get that done...or else just forget about it and toss the seeds out the kitchen window willy-nilly, and see what comes up.

What are you doing this week?


SonyaAnn said...

I'm trying to dejunk everything still. If only Den would get on board! I've got the upstairs done except for his stuff. He just won't get with it! Oh well its not really a chore I like either!

Jill said...

I have to smile as our weekends are so similar with all the busyness! LOL. Planning the garden is on my list as well. My list that's a gazillion pages long! LOL
My husband and I always joke about where the weekend went!

Have a great night! So happy to hear you like your new balance shoes, I think with all the rain we are having it's why I don't want to get them dirty, lol. But maybe tomorrow! :-)


Lisa B. said...

What a busy weekend! Mine was a little busy. Kiddo has been home sick since Thursday.

I don't have all my garden planned out but I have started tomato, pepper, cantaloupe seeds indoors.

Annie Jones said...

SonyaAnn: I have a really tough time with other peoples' clutter, but I don't mind my own. LOL! There are a few spots within the house that I've finally just given up on Shane or Kat every decluttering. :(

Jill: Do you ever find that weekends are more stressful than the workweek? I know I do.

Lisa B: I hope your son is feeling better. Did you have to miss work at your new job to stay home with him?

Frances said...

As usual, you were so productive! We went to the Mardi Gras parade in Galveston on Saturday, then were lazy on Sunday. Well, except that I went to Walgreens to get some diapers for Meredith and then to Kroger.