Monday, January 10, 2011

Monday Morning Chit Chat - Snow Day Edition

Good morning to everyone. We're having our first snow day of the season today. We're in the early stages of a slow-moving winter storm that is expected to drop 5-8 inches of snow before it moves out tomorrow.  Kat and Shane are both home today, and we already know Shane will be home at least through Wednesday.  It's going to be bitterly cold, too, beginning tomorrow, so if Kat thinks she's going out to play in the snow, it will have to be today while the temps are still reasonable.

We had a quiet weekend here.  Shane came home Friday evening from working in Manhattan, KS. On Saturday he drove a couple of towns away to visit his grandmother in the hospital, but has been home relaxing ever since.  I went out to mail an eBay order on Saturday and out to get an extra gallon of milk (to get us through this storm) yesterday, but those were the only times I was away from home over the weekend.  That's not to say anything has been accomplished around here; we've all felt lazy and maybe even just a little under the weather this weekend.  Mostly lazy.

Today my must-do list includes updating the checkbook and paying bills for the week.  I also have to keep us fed.  Everything else is either optional or low enough on the priority list that I can play it by ear.  Come to think of it, my entire week looks that way.  There's plenty to do, but nothing that needs to be scheduled.

This is a short post for a Monday, so I'll round it out with a few pictures of Mittens.  Yes, she's still here, and yes, we're still having some problems.  She and Siesta seem to have agreed to disagree and are living somewhat peacefully -- if grudgingly -- in the same space.  Swiper and Tuxie, though, still attack Mittens any chance they get.  They stand watch for her to come out from under the couch, which has led us to put a litter box behind the couch for her just to keep her from having accidents.  This is NOT ideal, but for now, it works.  She is such a sweet little cat.  I wish the "bigs" would just accept her and move on.


McVal said...

Wow! The eyes are huge!!! and really soak up light!
I'm glad you're adjusting to the new kitty, but sorry the other cats aren't!

Sheila said...

We're waiting for our winter storm to hit. It seems it's snowing to the south of us and to the north of us. The southwestern part of NC is getting ice--I'm so not looking forward to that part of this storm. I'm glad Mittens is still there. Hopefully it won't take much longer for the "bigs" to decide she is going to stay and they'll get over it. Sometimes animals can be very stubborn though. Kevin is working a 5 day week this week--first time since early December. He may actually have to stay at work if this storm is as bad as they are saying. I hope y'all have a wonderful week. Take care.

slugmama said...

Geez, what a kid-gyp.....having an awesome snowstorm and it being so cold you can't go play in it. Heck when my kids were little, they would stay out in it so long they'd get frostbite if I didn't yank em back

I don't know much about cats, not being a cat person myself, but if they are as bad as small dog with being territorial, the older cats may take a long time, if ever, to accept Mittens.
I hope it works out soon tho so you can get back to a routine with em and not have potty problems. ;-)

Sharon said...

I love the way her mouth looks like she is smirking at you! I wonder if she gets older the bigs will accept her more. What's not to like about a baby in the house?

Elaine said...

I can identify with your cat problem. I had 2 dogs, around 7 years old when I rescued an abandoned smaller, younger dog. My 2 did NOT want this little one around. I tried to find her a new home (twice), but she was afraid of men. I emailed my dog trainer but she advised me that the problem between the dogs would only get worse, not better. I took her to the closest animal shelter (where I adopted dog #1) and got them to take her (after many many tears and literally begging them to help us). The vet looked her over and thought she would be adopted quickly. They spayed her and put her up for adoption, and she had a new mommy in 3 days. That's my only consolation. It's been over a year, and I still miss her and wish we could have worked something out. However, I couldn't chance her getting hurt by the bigger dogs, and as I was advised by more than one person, I owed my other dogs a happy home.

Good luck with your adorable kitty!

Jill said...

Hope things can work out for your cat to stay. Enjoy your week and stay warm!

april said...

What a beautiful cat! Sometimes with cats you will always have to use more then one litter box and let them just co-exist.
As for your weather we just got 12 inches plus of snow up here in Nebraska with wind starting tonight, sounds wonderful (not really). Stay warm and enjoy your family time.

Annie Jones said...

McVal: Yes, her eyes are really big. This is part of why we think she's not very old...she still looks like she has kitten eyes. But, they aren't changing much, so maybe it's just the way she is.

Sheila: I'm SO glad we didn't get any ice with this storm.

Sluggy: There are just some things Memaw won't do. Going out to play in a negative-degree wind chill is one of them.

Sharon: Oh, just what I need. A smirking cat -- to go with my smirking husband and smirking kid. :)

Elaine: We made one attempt to find a home for her, but they wouldn't take her because she's a female (I don't think they wanted to pay to get her fixed and we haven't taken her yet). We didn't try any further to find her a home. We want her to stay if she can.

Jill: We're trying hard to make it work. Thanks for the thoughts.

April: Thanks for visiting. We have three litter boxes currently; Mittens will use them if she can get them without the bigs running interference. Where in Nebraska are you? I'd guess we have about 4 inches so far here in Kansas City.

Frances said...

I love Mittens! She looks like a cat I had for many years. Her name was Mirabella Fontayne...yes, I named her that. LOL! We called her Belle. She was the sweetest cat for as long as we had her. I cried like a baby when she died.

SonyaAnn said...

She is adorable. And I will pray for peace for you. LOL
And I love having days with not much planned! I'll be stalking you every day now!

Lisa B. said...

She is so adorable!

I'm glad to hear that Mittens hasnt went to the farm yet. I got to thinking about that after your last post and it came to me that it is awfully late in the season to put a cat outside that hasn't grown a winter coat or stored up some fat. lol

Maybe if things are still not working out this spring, she can go to your friends farm.