Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday Morning Chit Chat - It's Getting Deep Around Here Edition

Snow is headed our way. It's not even here yet, and already it's been called a "historic" storm, a "whopper", "blizzard-like", "Snowmageddon", "Snownami" and "Snowpocalypse". The last forecast I saw projected about 18" for our immediate area and as much as two feet of snow within an hour's drive of here.

So far, there is a very thin glazing of ice here. Not enough to close school yet, but enough that I slipped and slid across the driveway as I was putting down the ice melt.

But hey, no worries. Shane and I took a few minutes go over a mental checklist of things we might need if we get snowed in. We didn't need to buy anything; we're good to go.

Other than the nasty forecast, we had a nice weekend. We had planned to go to the Mid-Am RV Show on Saturday morning to further fuel our envy of everyone who already has an RV. But our plans changed and instead we ended up going to breakfast and then doing some thrift store shopping. We found a sale at the Salvation Army and bought a lot of half-price clothing. We also bought this reclining love seat. It had just been donated the night before and is in like-new condition.

We stayed in the rest of the day relaxing. I sat down on the couch (our older one, not the new one we just bought) later in the evening, only to find that Mittens had peed on it. Not good. I cleaned it and piled on the baking soda to sit overnight, only to find she'd done it again the next morning, in the same spot. It wasn't a lot, thank goodness, but we were certain it wouldn't end there. We'd had enough, between the constant fighting with the older cats, the older cats fighting among themselves, and Mittens' problems with breaking training. So, as much as we hated to, we took her to our local no-kill shelter, which is fortunately open on Sundays. We explained that she's very sweet and lovable with people, even kids, but she just doesn't seem to get along with other cats.

We didn't want to do that, but I have to say, there was an immediate reduction in the stress level at home. The older cats quit in-fighting; it was like flipping a switch. Everyone, cats and people alike, seemed much more relaxed after Mittens was gone. So, I really can't say that I regret giving her up. I only regret that it didn't work out.

More good news/bad news. The good news is that Shane didn't have to go back to Manhattan, KS, to work this week. The bad news is that the job he was assigned here in town will most certainly be shut down most of the week because of weather, while the Manhattan crew will still be able to work because they have work spaces enclosed in tarps. Oh well, I guess that's the way it goes sometimes.

Since Shane will probably be home most of the week, I think we will begin redecorating Kat's room. We'll begin with painting the walls. Kat's loft bed is a huge thing, which is why Shane has to be here to help. I'm not able to budge the bed, let alone move it away from the wall enough to paint behind it.

Not much else is planned for this week. I'll be doing some baking. I think it will be a good day for that.

How is your week shaping up?


Sheila said...

So sorry about the snow. I am so ready for spring/summer. We only had the one day of warm weather yesterday--today it's still right around 35 which is what it was when I got up at 5:00 this morning. Lucky you with the reclining love seat. Kevin and I were just talking about needing one of those. I'm sorry about Mittens but I bet all will be less stressed now.
Jess and I made some chocolate chip muffins this morning--not much else going on around here though. I hope y'all stay warm. Take care.

SonyaAnn said...

We are battening down the hatches here too. We are supposed to get 2 feet and I have no idea where we are going to put it. And the fact that the snow blower quits working the minute that it hits snow means for a lot of work.
Good luck to ya!

Sharon said...

Thank goodness the iciness hasn't hit just yet and K was able to get out to the lab. Now, if FedEx can make it here from Minnesota by 5PM tonight with the special mix for him, we're good. I went grocery shopping yesterday, and now I'm just waiting, waiting, waiting. I think I might even get to sew. We'll plan our lunch after the "historic" event occurs!

Mark said...

I love cats but let them slip up once and they're Gonners! I won't put up with cat urine. Yuk!
I am praying that the snow misses us this time. We have two more months of this and I need a little break in between the storms.
Nice Sofa!
Your Friend, m.

Miranda said...

Stay safe and warm! We are hearing the same kind of forecast down this way. In fact, we just had a "blizzard warning" come across the TV. Can't say I have seen that before!

Frances said...

I wish we were going to be snowed in. I know, I know...if I lived in it, I wouldn't be. But I DID live in it for several years and LOVED it.

Sorry Mittens didn't work out, but sometimes they just don't.

Frances said...

Oh, and I love your loveseat! We have gotten some great furniture from Salavation Army stores.

McVal said...

That's too bad about Mittens! We had a couple cats that destroyed my MILs couch like that. They were upset about something and the couch just wouldn't get clean. We ended up having to get rid of it because the ghosts of the past kept coming back to haunt it...
I know how you feel!

slugmama said...

If I were you I'd park my hiney on the nice comfy looking love seat under a quilt and watch movies until the snow stops.....even longer maybe.
We aren't suppose to get as much but they have cancelled school here already for tomorrow(it's 10pm), Daughter's workplace has cancelled for tomorrow night and the dentist has also cancelled her appt.
I'm just glad I got out today and got to the dr. the drugstore for meds and got my other errands finished for most of the week.

Stay warm and safe!!!